Yoders Bacon in a Can – The Campsite Experience

June 25, 2009 12:01 am Published by 1 Comment

This weekend a bunch of buddies and I took a motorcycle camping trip to the crew-4Sequoia National Forest. It was an epic journey that I never knew would result in a bikes & bacon trip but let me tell you — the campsite got extra baconony when I busted out the Yoders canned bacon.

Much to my surprise, the fellas stuck the Yoders bacon in a can on the grill and heated it up. Prior to that day I had only tried Yoders canned bacon straight out of the can at room temperature.

Let me tell you, the heated bacon in a can was stellar. Warming up the bacon made it even more tasty than I knew it could be. Everyone in the campsite loved the canned bacon and the campsite neighbors even came over to give it a try.

The campsite Smaste™ rating for Yoder’s bacon in a can: 41.233. Even higher than our previous rating!

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