Yoder’s Bacon in a Can: May the Pork Be With You

June 14, 2009 12:01 am Published by 4 Comments

If you’re a faithful bacon follower then by now you have certainly heard of Bacon in a Can. Since Bacon Today is the most trusted name in bacon news (according to a non-scientific survey of myself), the kind folks at MRE Depot saw fit to send us a case of the stuff.

Like you, we were skeptical at first. We decided to try one can to see how it would go. Check out the photo gallery below for the full experience.

Upon opening the can, I found three sheets of bacon tightly rolled. As I pulled them out of the can I noticed that they were exceptionally greasy – they’re packed in a large amount of lard. Upon unrolling them, the top layer was folded in half. Once I unfolded that layer the bacon looked fairly appetizing.

I tasted a piece right off the waxed paper and was pleasantly surprised. It’s not great, but it is very edible.

I decided that some heat might make the difference, so I microwaved a couple of slices for 30 seconds. After blotting away the grease, I had another bite and found the bacon to be quite good. Not as salty as I typically care for, but still good.

My last experiment was to put the bacon on a slice of DiGiorno pizza. Unfortunately, the lack of salty flavor resulted in the bacon disappearing into the taste of the pizza.

For any of its drawbacks, this is a quality product. It’s ready to eat out of the can. The taste improves with heat. Most importantly, it’s easily portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Buy a can of bacon and see for yourself.

Smaste™ out of can: 31.115

Smaste™ with heat: 33.602

Smaste™ on pizza: 28.529

— Mr. B

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  • Matt says:

    Add a light dash of salt to the bacon, cook it, then see how it goes.

  • Corey says:

    I just took a can to the desert on a camping trip. The stuff was great!
    Here’s my review of Yoder’s bacon in a can.

  • TheMog says:

    Hmmm… price by the ounce comes out pretty close to some other pre-cooked bacons I have seen, at least when you buy in roughly the same volume. The can packing isn’t as good as a bag for camping, but is a lot better for storage. And from the description they might do better if they offered both salted and unsalted versions so us flavor fiends can get a bit more kick.

    We might need a battle of the brands here. A bacon pre-cook off if you will.

    If Yoder’s can hold their own this might well become the ultimate Apocalypse Bacon!

  • Beacon says:

    when i was a boy scout back in the early 70s we used to take canned bacon on our camping trips. it was uncooked, as i recall and VERY salty. salty to the point that it was nearly inedible. i don’t know why we didn’t just take regular bacon as we were only camping over the weekend, usually.

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