Would You Like Some Fries With That?

There are certain moments of greatness in the history of the disgusting things that America has brought to the global cuisine table, and food-on-a-stick ranks high on that list. We certainly didn’t invent food-on-a-stick, but we have perfected the art of adding fat to it. Go to any County or State Fair and you’ll find more choices of greasy, sugary, fried food-on-sticks than you could possibly try with your first heart.

Enter french-fry-coated-bacon-on-a-stick. The creator of this recipe was inspired by a potato-coated-hot-dog-on-a-stick that he found during a trip to Korea. In true American style, he brought the recipe home and added bacon. Because that’s what we do. Here’s a couple of pictures.

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According to the author of the original post, the concoction was a bit nauseating and made him feel “very, very dirty”. 

If you’re a bit ballsy in the kitchen and want to feel “very, very dirty”, too, then you can follow the original recipe here.

Happy food impaling!

— Mike

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