Would You Like Some Fries With That?

January 19, 2009 12:01 am Published by 4 Comments

There are certain moments of greatness in the history of the disgusting things that America has brought to the global cuisine table, and food-on-a-stick ranks high on that list. We certainly didn’t invent food-on-a-stick, but we have perfected the art of adding fat to it. Go to any County or State Fair and you’ll find more choices of greasy, sugary, fried food-on-sticks than you could possibly try with your first heart.

Enter french-fry-coated-bacon-on-a-stick. The creator of this recipe was inspired by a potato-coated-hot-dog-on-a-stick that he found during a trip to Korea. In true American style, he brought the recipe home and added bacon. Because that’s what we do. Here’s a couple of pictures.



According to the author of the original post, the concoction was a bit nauseating and made him feel “very, very dirty”. 

If you’re a bit ballsy in the kitchen and want to feel “very, very dirty”, too, then you can follow the original recipe here.

Happy food impaling!

— Mike

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