Wienerschnitzel’s New Bacon Chili Dogs

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Wienerschnitzel’s New Bacon Chili Dogs

The brand behind America’s favorite Chili Dog, has announced new versions of its most iconic menu item: the Chili Cheese Dog. To give fans more of what they crave, Wienerschnitzel is combining its famous Chili Cheese Dog with savory ingredients like bacon, ranch dressing, grilled onions, and Frank’s® Buffalo Wing Sauce. We just had to review these new dogs from Wienerschnitzel, since 4 of these new dogs include our favorite ingredient: BACON!

Smothered in Wienerschnitzel’s secret-recipe chili and freshly-grated cheddar cheese, these new baconfied Chili Cheese Dog creations are now available in these 4 flavors: Buffalo Bacon, Triple Cheese Double Bacon, Bacon Ranch and Loaded Bacon Street Dog.

I picked up these new items along with our favorite Wienerschnitzel menu items (you just can’t go wrong with a classic chili dog) and had my family help out with the sampling.

New Wienerschnitzel Bacon Hot Dogs

Overall, we loved these new menu items. The bacon was cooked perfectly crispy on all the hot dogs, and there was a good amount of it. Here’s our review in order of our favorites:

#1. The Buffalo Bacon Chili Cheese Dog has chopped bacon, sport peppers and Frank’s® Buffalo Wing Sauce. It was spicy and not for the faint of heart. It was definitely our favorite of the bunch!

Bufflo Bacon Hot Dog

#2. The Loaded Bacon Street Chili Cheese Dog has chopped bacon, mustard, ketchup, mayo, and grilled onions. For those who love all the fixin’s on their hot dogs, this is your best bet. Grab a napkin because this hot dog is a delicious mess!

Bacon Ranch Hot Dog

#3. The Bacon Ranch Chili Cheese Dog has hopped bacon and creamy Ranch dressing. For Ranch fans, here’s your new favorite menu item. The combination of chili, Ranch dressing and crispy bacon is addictive.

#4. The Triple Cheese Double Bacon Chili Dog has a double portion of chopped bacon and slices of American cheese. Dare I say it: there was almost too much cheese on this one and it almost overpowered the other ingredients. If you looooove cheese though, you have to try it.

Triple Cheese Bacon Hot Dog

These bacon beasts are available for a limited time only! For more info and to find your nearest location, click here. *Bacon Today received a gift card from Wienerschnitzel to facilitate this review.

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1 Comment

  • Sigmund F. Kerns says:

    Wish there was one of these franchises along “Dixie Highway” in Hamilton, Ohio; instead of just another in a soggy slew of bloated burger joints. A GREAT ‘dog-place like a Wienerschnitzel is sadly lacking in this town, and I’d eat there as often as possible.
    ESPECIALLY for great grub like the quadruple bacon-wieners described here!!!!!

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