Why Choose Bacon Or Steak When You Can Have Bacon Steaks?


Sometimes you simply have to have that phenomenal sizzle and flavor of some gourmet, country cut, artisan bacon and other times you feel like you want to enjoy something substantially larger and thicker, like a big, delicious, prime cut steak.

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Well thanks to the wonderful people looking out for us over at Burgers’ Smokehouse, we no longer have to make such a complicated and complex choice. Introducing Burgers’ Smokehouse Original and Peppered Bacon Steak Cuts.

What’s so special about Bacon Steak Cuts you ask? Great question, allow me to explain. These artisan bacon steaks are “quite literally,” a full quarter-inch thick, so we are talking about a truly thick and savory piece of delicious, hearty gourmet meat.

This means you have a lot more options of where you want to be “makin’ bacon,” as now you can actually even grill these babies on the BBQ, as well as the more traditional “stove top” frying in a pain, griddle or on a solid grill, broiled … or my personal favorite, cooked in the oven, for a delightful no splatter, no messy clean-up quick cook.

What can I say about these Bacon Steaks, other than they are precisely what you would expect from a good cut of robust bacon, that is literally 5 times thicker and 3 times wider than your average store-bought bacon and a good, 3 times thicker and twice as wide as your normal cut, gourmet bacon.

What does this mean to the person eating bacon steaks? Simply this, if you’re used to eating 4 pieces of bacon with a meal, be prepared to get equally full on 2 pieces. I usually have no problem eating 6 to 8 pieces of bacon with my morning eggs, and truthfully, I was “seriously” full after 4.

Part of the difference is the fact that “Burgers,” like most true gourmet preparers and providers of premium quality bacon, use a superior dry cure process and don’t add any water to the bacon, in order to plump it up and make it look a lot bigger than it really is.

This means a lot less shrinkage of the bacon, as well as a lot less splatter. Also, because the bacon is cut in much thicker slabs than traditionally cut bacon, the natural fat that is found in all bacon melts / liquefies to a much lesser degree, so you end up with a lot less bacon grease to deal with when you are cleaning up.

Now keep in mind, by not melting / liquefying during the cooking process, that fat will still be part of the bacon slab, so with the meat being so amazingly thick, those of you who aren’t huge fans of bacon fat, will simply have to cut or chew your way around the occasional fat deposit in the meat, but believe me, it’s well worth the effort as the flavor of the meat itself is truly, exceptionally delicious.

Also, well worth noting …unlike so many other bacon makers who tend to go somewhere between “a bit over-board” and “fanatically ballistic” with their special flavorings, the good people at Burgers have actually carefully crafted a very, precision peppered bacon, with just enough flavor to bring out the intended flavor blend in a way that avoids all extremism and is quite subtle and impressively taste tempered. Very well done!

Photo Credit: Burger’s Smokehouse

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