Whiskey Maple Glazed Slab Bacon

whiskey-glazed-baconWe recently had a contest where several lucky, lucky people received a 5 lb. slab of unsliced bacon. Wendy Rusch, one of our winners, sent us a picture of how she prepared this slab of hog heaven for a few lucky guests at a dinner party she hosted. The picture, as you can see, looks amazing! So amazing that we decided to feature her recipe for the rest of you to see and try out for yourselves.

Wendy served up her “Whisky and Maple Glazed Slab Bacon with Whiskey Sauce” over polenta, which is perfect for soaking up all those delicious pork juices and flavors. It would also be great served over mashed potatoes. You can tell by the picture that this slab was cooked up with a lot of love and tenderness. The glaze has pineapple, maple syrup, Irish whiskey, red wine vinegar and cayenne paper. The result is sweet, savory deliciousness. We can only imagine how good this would be!

The slab is slow-roasted in the oven for two hours to allow all those amazing flavors to sink in to the meat. Slow roasting makes the meat juicy AND tender. According to Wendy, her guests devoured it and we can certainly see why. Uncut bacon slabs are available from your supermarket or local butcher. Or you can order one from Baconfreak.com. Check out “Just A Pinch” for the recipe on how to roast the slab and the recipe for the glaze.


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