When Swine Flew…

April 30, 2009 12:01 am Published by 1 Comment

…is the past tense of “When Pigs Fly”, I guess. 

The BT team has been trying to think of a good and entertaining way to deal with the current pig flu epidemic, and in classic BT style, we’re still working on it. But I think we’ve found a good story to tide us over until we think of a really clever angle on the whole pig flu thing…

Duck Bacon!


Now, as Lisa Waddle points out in her article about duck bacon, bacon, by definition, comes from a pig. She doesn’t put too fine a point on it though, and allows some breathing room to give duck bacon a chance.

What she ended up with was a tasty, salty bacon alternative that I wouldn’t mind trying out for myself. 

Have any of you had duck bacon? If so, provide a Smaste rating, please.

— Mike

Thanks to BT reader Brad S. for this submission.

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