When Pigs Fry Bacon Sushi

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When Pigs Fry Bacon Sushi

When Pigs Fry bacon sushi San Diego

San Diego’s Sabuku Sushi, a locals’ favorite in San Diego, has made a perfect marriage of flavors preparing rolls and other dishes with bacon. Their menu features a dozen different types of sushi rolls made with bacon. The restaurant’s overall premise is to transform Japanese cuisine with American ingredients and local flavors.

Their claim to fame is what they’ve done with bacon, and one of their most beloved dishes is “When Pigs Fry.” It features 2 slices of bacon, rolled tightly with spicy tuna and asparagus tempura, then battered and fried. The roll is then topped with bonito flakes, scallions and shiro goma and drizzled with a glazed bacon garlic aioli, sweet mandarin and Sriracha.

Check out this impressive list of baconified sushi offerings:

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Bacon Avocado Roll
Bacon & Scallop Roll
Zombie Bait
Just for the Halibut
Super Chill
Bacon Your Pardon

For those not fortunate enough to live in San Diego, they have shared their recipe for “When Pigs Fry” with our fans. For those of you who do live near San Diego, get your pigtail to Sabuku Sushi ASAP, try all these bacon sushi rolls and let us know how amazing they all are. Follow them on Facebook for more info and lots of tasty pics.

“When Pigs Fry” Recipe
By Chef Bob Pasela, owner of Sabuku Sushi

(Quantities provided are per roll, adjust overall amount according to number of rolls being made)

• Sushi rice: approx. 5 oz (short grain rice, rice vinegar, salt and sugar)
• Nori (seaweed) sheet: 1 half sheet

• Spicy tuna: 2-3 oz mix (tuna, sriracha, sesame oil and sesame seed)
• Asparagus: 2 pieces (braised) (no more than 3/8 diameter; if so just use one piece)
Bacon: 2 pieces (thick sliced, hickory smoked & honey cured)

• Tempura Batter (2-3 cups)
• Canola oil (2 quarts)

• Spicy ginger aioli: 4-5 oz (mayonnaise, sriracha, simple syrup*)
*can substitute other sweeteners
• Sweet mandarin sauce: 2-3 oz (teriyaki sauce & plum wine reduced)

• Bonito flakes
• Green onion (scallions)
• Kuro (black) Sesame seeds
• sriracha

Pre Prep
• Make sushi rice
• Make spicy tuna mix
• Make both sauces (mix and/or reduce on stove)
• Prebake bacon to 85% of finish (depending on personal preference chewy or crunchy – although crunchier bacon is much harder to work with when placed within rolls)
• Braise asparagus
• Make tempura batter mixture

• Place canola oil in large sauce pan – heat to 375 degrees
• Take two pieces of nearly finished bacon and drop them in the fry oil, and cook to personal preference (usually between 20 seconds for chewy & 60 seconds for crunchy). Remove bacon from oil and place on a few sheets of paper towels. Roll up in paper towel, absorbing excess oil, shaping/straightening bacon into thin, consistent pieces.

Make base of roll
• Place nori sheet down on dry clean surface rough side up
• Place and spread sushi rice evenly on nori sheet covering it entirely
• Flip sheet over (rice is now down)
• Set in the two pieces of asparagus, lengthwise in the middle of the sheet
• Place the two pieces of bacon, lengthwise in the middle of the street
• Spread spicy tuna mix (2-3 oz) lengthwise over asparagus and bacon
• Close roll by bringing the side of the roll nearest you lengthwise, up and over ingredients, applying even pressure bring the one side to just over (slight overlap) the other side.
• Use you bamboo matt (makisu) to compress and shape roll into desired form

Tempura Dip & Fry Sushi Roll
• Take closed roll and dip and spin in tempura batter to evenly coat all of the outside surfaces
• Carefully and slowly drop dipped roll into fry oil and cook for about 2 minutes, until you start getting some golden browns accents on the cooking batter
• Remove from oil and place on several paper towels to absorb the excess oil

Finishing/Plating Roll
• Place roll on cutting board and cut into even slices (usually makes 8-10 pieces)
• Lay each piece down, but tightly together in a grouping
• Drizzle spicy ginger aioli over roll, use back of spoon to spread out thinly and evenly covering all surfaces
• Use torch to “’caramelize” the aioli (darkening of aioli with slight browning)
o Hint: Keep charring/burning to a minimum by not holding torch in one position too long
• Place pieces on serving plate (careful, it’s HOT)
• Drizzle sweet mandarin sauce
• Sprinkle on the bonito flakes
• Sprinkle on the green onions
• Place a drop of sriracha in the center of each piece
• Serve and enjoy!

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