Bacon Flight: A Bacon Sampler Idea

Serve up a variety of tasty bacon flavors at your next party

You’re likely familiar with wine and craft beer flights, a collection or grouping of various wines or beers for the purpose of tasting and comparing. The same concept is used for bacon flights and can be found in many restaurants including The Center Street Cafe in Farmersville, OH.

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day

The owners of this culinary gem, Heather Neitman and Mike Dowden, are locals who love their town. But they defined something that was missing, a great breakfast spot.

So they made one! Talk about necessity being the mother of invention. Their farm to table style restaurant, where everything they make is made from scratch, is also home to the elusive bacon flight.

The Center Street Cafe expanded their menu, by popular demand, to offer lunch in short order. With offerings as delectable sounding as maple bacon pulled pork mac-n-cheese, cracker-jack French toast (Thick-cut challah bread, bathed in a rich custard, finished with Cracker Jacks® & a salted caramel compound butter, oh my!) and waffled crab cakes, that demand is highly understood.

cooked bacon strips in decorative jars

The cafe stocks ten different bacon flavors.

Customers choose four flavors to be included in a bacon flight. The flight includes two slices of each of the chosen flavors.

The cafe’s current ten bacon flavors from which to choose are:

The restaurant plans to refresh their bacon selection periodically, giving new taste opportunities to their clientele.

Bacon has become a cure-all for bland food in recent years. It can add a new dimension to old recipes making them new again. And flavored bacon can be a nice compliment for some recipes. 

With a bacon flight, since the bacon doesn’t compete with other ingredients, you can savor the distinct flavor of the bacon and its seasonings as well as the texture and scent.

How to make your own bacon flight sampler

If you’re not near Farmersville or don’t have the good fortune of a local restaurant serving bacon flights, be the mother of your own necessity and create a bacon flight all on your own. 

Including both savory and sweet varieties of bacon spans the breadth of possibilities. Add a bacon with a spicy kick as well, all the better to finish with a frosty brew.

Including a simple bacon can calm the palate and helps showcase the different flavors that can enhance bacon.

Be sure to have good drink to accompany the bacon flights. Label the different flavors or consider blind taste testing, revealing the flavor of the bacon only after it has been tasted.

You can provide each guest with a note pad and pencil and ask them to write down the flavors they taste in each flight.

To make it cute add some pig inspired items like pink napkins, pig placemats, bacon themed serving tray or pig name card holders. The final ingredient will be good friends that enjoy good food. 

Let the tasting begin!

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