Wendy’s® Son of Baconator®

The Baconator decided to get a little frisky and thus the Son of Baconator was born! But just because it’s the son, and therefore slightly smaller, does not in any way diminish its baconating abilities. You see, the meat to bacon ratio is more in favor of bacon on this little rebel child. A lot of meat in between buttered buns, with the added safety of condiments; ensure that good things DO come in smaller packages. The size of the buns are the same, but your fear of cardiac arrest is lessened by its more modest, meaty size. An obvious good-thing since you want to live a few more years. Besides, what’s that metaphorical saying about a boat and an ocean?

However, this little S.O.B. is decidedly not so little. It’s born into this world with two 2.25 ounce whole beef patties, four thick, juicy strips of Applewood smoked bacon, two melted slices of American cheese, and mayo and ketchup sandwiched between two buttered buns. This guy effectively promotes salivation. As you bite into this juicy burger, you will notice that the bacon flavor is more noticeable than its counterpart. Just like a son to imitate his father but in a more efficient way, right? But hey, we know that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. It’s just that usually things tend to get perfected the second time around. And the Son of Baconator is no exception to that rule. This burger knows what’s more important; it’s the salty and savory perfection of bacon. The Baconator’s abundance of meat overpowers bacon’s seductive abilities. But the S.O.B. puts all the flavors in harmony with one another, allowing your taste buds to reach an even higher level of satisfaction than before.

We suggest heading over to a Wendy’s­® on your lunch break and picking up a Son of Baconator now! If you’re craving bacon, you know where to find it. This bad little S.O.B. has got you covered.

**Disclaimer: I received a gift card in the amount of the sandwich in exchange for my review. I did not receive any other compensation. I was not required to write a positive review, therefore the opinion here is my own.

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  1. This is the best sandwich I ever had.
    Son of baconator is just the right size for us. I just like more onion, tomato and extra, extra pickles. Yammy.


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