Web crowns a Bacon King!

June 3, 2011 5:00 am Published by 2 Comments
The race for Bacon King sizzled on King of the Web! King of the Web  hosted a month long web based competition to search for a “Bacon King”. Early on, it looked like there were going to be a few bacon-crazed competitors, but two competitors, Formica Dinette & JarebFoosh quickly took center stage as the bacon obsessed. They ran neck & neck for much of the election, submitting incredible bacon feats, such as “The Weave” and “The Bacon Bra.” At one point an alliance was formed between Formica Dinette and a dog which was then turned into a “Bacon Mustache Dog Bra”.


But in the end it was Formica Dinette that grabbed the crown and title of Bacon King! Formica Dinette runs http://bacontits.com/ and is best known for “The Bacon Bra” along with her amazing bacomolé!, as well as participation in BYOBacon 4.0. As Bacon King we can only hope to see more bacon related clothing from her! She’ll also be sporting a $250 gift card to bacn.com.
In the age of digital celebrity, Formica Dinette proved she deserved to be recognized as Bacon King after receiving over 7k votes from fans around the web.
King of the Web is a place for the web to determine who and what is awesome in a monthly competition for cash and prizes.  It utilizes familiar past-times like “YouTubing” or social networking and places them in a competitive environment.  As a result, it rewards the most engaging content, personalities and talents.  Competitions are monthly!
Submitted by Casey.


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  • ante II says:

    ok… i may be new here, but im not new to bacon and the word “king.” something is… a miss (if you can catch my drift).

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