Wake’n Bacon – The Real Bacon Alarm Clock

May 25, 2011 8:30 am Published by 116 Comments
Bacon alarm clock near bed

Quite possibly the best invention since whatever came before sliced bread, the Wake’n Bacon alarm clock is a work of pure genius. The shape of the device is modeled after pre-bacon and the concept is so simple I can’t believe it’s not already in mass production. You simply place a piece of frozen bacon in the alarm clock when you go to sleep and set the clock. 10 minutes before you’re wake-up time the clock starts cooking your bacon and you are awakened to the smell of bacony goodness. What could get the day started off any better? Well, maybe the aroma of Hickory-Smoked Bacon… but I digress.

Bacon alarm clock with pig details that has slide-out bacon cooking tray

We’re definitely not the first to report on the bacon alarm clock, and will certainly not be the last. It’s already been featured on such sites as: Wired, American Public Media’s “Splendid Table”, Engadget, Ubergizmo, Gear Live, Design Boom, and many more.

To see the original article from “mathlete” go to: http://www.mathlete.com/portfolio/wakeNbacon.php


via: Brandon Harper devnulled — thanks!

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  • Felipe agurto says:

    Go to ThinkGeek with this! I just saw it on Shark Tank and immediately thought that they (with their bacon section) would love it!

  • brianna says:

    i love this idea i hope it becomes a big success and i just watched you on SHARK TANK it was awesome

  • jessica says:

    this is a great idea. just saw you on shark tank and i love love love the smell of bacon in the morning. hope this goes well for you!

  • Lisa says:

    Saw this on Shark Tank, and I agree with the concerns about fire. What if the person is really hard to get up, and they sleep right through the bacon smell? Is there an automatic shut off to prevent a fire? Where does the bacon grease go? Is cleanup easy?

  • nick says:

    i just saw this on SHARK TANK and i love bacon and i want the pogo stick

  • Jason says:

    I just saw this on shark tank and it seems to me that their greatest problem was the bacon next to the bed. I live in central florida next to disney. If you’ve ever been to Disney, when you walk by their bakery you smell fresh baking bread. However, the bread smell is contained from when they cooked it earlier and dispersed as people walk by. I suggest you come up with a normal alarm clock that also has the capacity to disperse the synthetic smell of bacon. Then you have a normal alarm clock PLUS/OR the smell of bacon without the risk or work of putting actual bacon in the box. Also, please email me, I’d like some information on what you think gained you a position on Shark tank because I have something to pitch as well.

    Good luck!

  • Andres says:

    Perhaps not something used everyday… but good as a gift or atleast people would try it…try using a synthesised smell of bacon to skip the problem of fire… like a air freshener perhaps. PS keep the original shape of the pig dont try to modernize it

  • kevin says:

    If you are still looking for investers I might be interested — let me know

  • gary says:

    i love this idea and if you wont wake up to the smell of bacon dont buy it. this isnt an alarm clock for everyone, but it is a wonderful idea. dont listen to the people that say to use a synthesized smell that would defeat the purpose of the bacon. great idea if i had the money to invest i would

  • ND says:

    Definitely watching it in business class right now and its making me freaking hungry

  • Eric says:

    As a college student, I would totally go for one of these.

  • Karen says:

    This looks fantastic! How can I order one?

  • Bekka says:


  • Michael says:

    I agree with Jason with what he said about synthesising the smell of bacon. That would have curbed any doubts for the Sharks as far as liability goes. Good luck with this and your future endeavours.

  • tami says:

    I too wAtched shark tank and I was surprised that Josh Grobin was talking about this on Kelly And Regis said he has one….

    • Bekka says:

      That’s where I saw it!! I want one soooo bad! And for everyone saying that “why not just make an alarm clock that emits the aroma of bacon instead…”
      That kind of defeats the purpose. Waking up to ACTUAL bacon is the best thing evarrr!! And coffee, of course.

  • Jenn says:

    I like the idea, but I don’t think it has to be on the night stand. Can’t you make it for the kitchen and set it to cook in the am just like you would the coffee maker? Good luck!

  • Justin says:

    Awesome idea all it needs is a built in normal sound alarm you can set as well just in case the aroma of delicious Bacon fails to wake you up but if it does you can just turn it off before it goes off. And stick with cooking real Bacon because there’s nothing like the scent of REAL Bacon. A synthesized smell of Bacon would probably smell like crap.

  • anna wilkerson says:

    I agree with justin about the real scent of bacon and a sound for an alarm. Only make the alarm sound like a screaming whining pig.

    • max says:

      i don’t agree with justin i would eat a package of bacon left out over night YUMM! bacon is my food by far. where can i get one i want 1 so bad this is g!

  • anna wilkerson says:

    But then again can’t u get sick? Shouldn’t meat be put the fridge? What about bugs insects and rodents? O well it still be cool its like a coffee maker with a automatic timer.

  • Christine says:

    What about the bacon not being refrigerated for 8 plus hours? How are you preventing foodborne illness?

  • Stupid says:

    Worst product ever.

  • Gail Berish says:

    I think you missed a big selling point. the bacon is PRECOOKED. it’s just sitting in the clock overnight until the warm up unit comes on. it’s not like you’re actually cooking bacon which requires a much hotter stove.

    • ray moya says:

      GREAT point Gail. PRE-COOKED is a HUGE issue which was not discussed further in the sales pitch.

      All this needs is a type of warmer and the issue of “fires in bed” and actual cooking are for the most part a mute point.

      Good luck with this product. I LOVE IT and am prepared to buy one (or two!) for myself.

    • jt says:

      Pre-cooked makes no difference.
      Frozen pre-cooked makes no difference unless the bacon is kept below 40 degrees until it begins to re-heat.
      Bacteria begin to grow on foods above 40 degrees. They can double every 20 minutes.
      In 6 hours one single bacteria on a slice of bacon can turn into over 260,000 bacteria. The problem is that bacteria can produce toxins over such a long amount of time. Re-heating may kill bacteria, but the toxins are still there and can make yoy extremely sick. Would you eat cooked bacon that sat on the countertop all night long? Eeew!

    • Colin says:

      There is no fire hazard, it uses halogen lightbulbs. Pretty much fireproof. This thing is frickin genius.

  • SAM says:

    It kinda makes me want to vomit…a little..

  • Anthony says:

    Putting real food in that device and waiting till morning to cook it will also have insects coming… they will smell fresh food at night, so now you have an insect issue as well as fire hazzard to deal with…

    • Colin says:

      It’s not a fire hazard because of the halogen lightbulbs instead of a flame, and it’s closed in, so insects can’t get in.

  • Tim says:

    My coffee machine has an alarm clock, i could just put that in my room and in the morning i wake to a fresh smell of coffee ready to drink, that’s much more pleasant to the nose then greasy bacon.

    • Bekka says:

      Pretty sure most coffee makers nowadays come equipped with an alarm clock. And I’m pretty sure since people are coming up with ideas to wake up to the rich aroma of “greasy bacon” so to speak, I think you’re the only oddball here who would rather wake up to coffee. Why not have BOTH? There’s an idea

    • max says:

      yo don’t be a bacon hater

  • bethsoda@comcast.net says:

    I would’ve bought one! Good luck!

  • Nathan says:

    LMAO … Jt is Right

  • D Parkin says:

    My friend Ed and Gema would like one.

    How much are they? Where is the Buy button?

  • Susie Merry says:

    Can you buy the wake n’ bacon alarm clock yet? I want one.

  • Mel says:

    The fire is not going to be an issue. Pitch it just like a timed coffee maker from the kitchen. Bacon can wake you up no matter what room you cook it in. awesome idea!

  • Chrissysno says:

    Bacon is cured by salt and nitrites. It is precooked, and therefore has almost all of the moisture cooked out of it. Moisture has to be present for bacteria to flourish. That is why jerky is not refrigerated in stores. ( and jerky is just dehydrated raw meat that has been preserved with salt).) You also load it frozen the night before. Believe it coming from a NY State Licensed Food Handler. There is no danger of being poisoned.

  • chandra says:

    Works best on Vegi like me. We hate smell of cooking meat, including Bacon. For that reason I want to get up and shut off the device ASAP when it goes off!

  • Colin says:


  • Liz says:

    Where do you go to buy one?
    Great Christmas gift.

  • Keara M says:

    I was pretty sure Michael Scott had this idea copyrighted.

  • max says:

    I want one of these soooo bad! Where can I dang buy one?

  • Rio Ventura says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s unsafe to eat the bacon after it’s been sitting at room temp for 8hrs-ish, whether it started out as frozen or not…my culinary degree and knowledge of safe food-holding alarm just went off the charts. =/

  • amanda says:

    just watched this on Shark Tank. It’s awesome. Can you buy it anywhere yet?

  • Be encouraged!!! I would love this concept just not in the bedroom. If we can set our coffee makers to come on and the aroma permeates the house just place your alarm in the kitchen and believe me the smell alone of bacon will awake anyone with or without the alarm. Fire hazard taken care of…

    • TopShelfCollectors says:

      Was thinking the same thing. Advertise for kitchen use only and wake up to a plate of bacon next to your automatic pot of coffee. You can also use a plate with slots to drain the extra grease if that’s a concern.

  • Donna says:

    I LOVE this idea! As was said on Shark Tank, I would buy this as a gift. How does bacon keep cold overnight?

  • LEROY says:


  • michael says:

    For those concerned about bacteria, coming from the culinary world, bacon is often left sitting out, covered, but out, all day. It is not a HACCP violation and its not a health code concern. It’s in the same vein as leaving out eggs. It isn’t done because people don’t know, but its totally acceptable

    • Just_Jumpin_In says:

      Saying something like lets leave meat out, comparing it a shell casing on an egg which any one with common sense can figure out would last longer than a piece of meat. Then trying to compare it to a meat substance, plain idiocracy. Talking about food that is commonly refrigerated by most Americans (PEOPLE HAVE XTREME GERMAPHOBIA ISSUE’S, it’s hilarious) which in fact, does not. Now that sounds pretty “stupid” to me.

    • Chico says:

      Okay, congratulations. You know one needs to refrigerate eggs. Relax. Take it down a notch. Nobody’s going to listen to comments for their refrigeration advice.

    • Jason says:

      I wouldn’t even trust bacon in the fridge for 3 months. Parts of it turn blue/green.

    • objective says:

      you could always used pre-cooked bacon

  • Richard says:

    I’m a semi retired sales and marketing executive in clocks and small electric appliances. Saw you on Shark Tank last night I love the idea. This is a very fickle market. Novelty pieces hit and miss. I’ll be glad to help you with a roll out to market. You will need help.

  • What happens if my house burns down, or if it doesnt wake me up and im late for work. U know u should see the consequences of having this, it probs might not wake u up, and ooohh what if u have a stuffed nose and ur sick??????

    • bekaa1234 says:

      @hommyl mugee they cannot be bought anywhere yet,that’s why there is no price.even if it could be, it would be extremely expensive

  • Danielle Bowette Law says:

    I like this idea, and I think it could be useful for more then just bacon.If that guy had entered the tank with a UL rating already approved, we might all be waking up to bacon.

  • GO BACON!! says:

    I love this idea!!!!! I can’t wait to start waking up to bacon when I get one!!!

    GO BACON!!!!!!!!!

  • GO BACON!! says:

    I wrote this little poem about bacon so every1 could see how much i love bacon!!

    Bacon is yummy
    In my tummy
    Bacon is cool
    It is for all the cool kids at school
    I can’t wait to wake up to this alarm
    I’ll have 1 on my farm
    I eat it at the playground
    I eat it at the zoo
    But I reall enjoy eating it with you!!!


  • GO BACON!! says:

    My friend just said we should start a bacon cheer squad!!!!!! Instead of pom-poms we could have little fake pieces of bacon coming out of the handle.

  • brett says:

    sounds like a great idea guys and wouldnt mind having one of those:)

  • rash on the bumhole says:

    great idea:)

    • ooberscwan vanpoopface says:

      i love bacon!!!!i love bacon!!!i love bacon!!!!

      i love bacon!!!!

      i love bacon!!!!

      i love bacon!!!!

  • Brian says:

    I WANT THIS SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ME says:


  • Bobby says:

    This product is awesome! @ u suck stop hanging out in public washrooms!

  • henry stephen says:

    how can i buy one???

  • you’re wake-up time says:

    you ARE wake-up time? Really?

  • Karin Stancik says:

    How do I buy a couple of these?

  • BACON says:

    I WANT ONE!!! I LOVE BACON!!! BACON BACON BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joel says:

    This is brilliant! I mean it wouldn’t be great for my health, but I can’t think of a better way to wake up!

  • Tom says:

    Where do I get 1 from

  • Andrew says:

    Shut up and take my money!

  • jessica says:

    this is so cool im telling all my friends

  • objective says:

    you could always use pre-cooked bacon

  • Summer says:

    This is a great idea unless you have dogs I somehow can see my dog smelling the bacon way before me.
    Chasing the dog running away with the alarm clock. Lol

  • kevin says:

    First of all this is a great idea you would sell a million as gifts easy, and many to uncouth people who would actually sleep with bacon beside the bed who would buy it i want one to give my exgirlfriend and she never used to wake up would hit snooze ten times drove me nuts plus shes fat now:) but the dog thing hilarious would happen everytime

  • hyipbox says:

    Honestly, its a good idea, maybe try to diversify the types of food you can put in it.

  • Mattison Tharp says:

    Saw it on shark tank and now im hungry, really hungry!

  • selena gomez says:

    this was copyed! This is JUST like Oscar Mayers alarm clock you smell bacon and hear the bacon sizzle

  • Ganja Da Great says:

    This seems like it would make house fires even more fun.

  • Lenny Phillips says:

    Saw you on Shark Tank tonight.(probably a repeat)I think your fundamental idea is a good one. However your bacon idea only appeals to the novelty market. how about an alarm clock that wakes you to a soothing aroma. A variety of fragrance’s that can be enjoyed, changed at will, reordered from you for an ongoing sales relationship with your customers. Much like a Keurig coffee maker. You make a alarm clock that wakes you to a morning fragrance. I have the Idea to put this in motion. feel free to contact.

  • jm says:

    It needs the sounds of a screaming dieing pig in pain. Then, there’s the smell of bacon. Perfect!

    • MariQuiteContrary says:

      So when is this being sold? Ever since hearing about this I am really looking forward to the sweet smell of bacon in the morning or at night, don’t judge. Please tell me this is coming soon so all the bacon haters can weep.

  • Jimmy Hoover says:

    Yes I too just saw this on shark tank. One thought is your product teamed up with scents that produces scents at a low temp, totally safe, and you don’t have to take it to the kitchen to clean it, etc. Good luck!!!

  • Chris says:

    who needs shark tank! why don’t you just crowd-fund this?

  • Shauna says:

    How or where can i buy one of these?

  • Anthony the smart guy says:

    So I have to load my bacon the night before? Doesn’t pork go bad after a little while?

  • Coffee Lover says:

    I think if you put coffee beans in there. The smell would be an awesome way to wake up as well.

  • Blair says:

    Kickstarter this product for $250k. It will be in every dorm room in the USA and a Christmas/birthday gift for dad/uncle.

  • Kirsten Russell says:

    My brother is bacon feind ! I’ve got to buy this clock for him for Christmas! How can I buy one? !

  • Dave says:

    Stupid invention ever

  • Robert Bird says:

    I would buy it in a heartbeat!

    You need an alarm before the bacon is ready or when the bacon is ready in case the smell of bacon is not enough to wake people up.

    This should be easy to make safe…..

  • Brad baker says:

    I want one

  • Lacy Lowe says:

    I love bacon!!! I go to restraunts and bars and just ask for bacon!!! I love this !!! Will you make me one??

  • Barb says:

    Need one for my son in law. Where could I purchase one at? Thank you for the great invenntion.

  • Elliott says:

    I want the wake & bacon.is it produced yet?

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