United States of Bacon

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Bacon Today has partnered with this new them! Exciting, right? Read on Bacon fans!

“Have no fear, bacon is here! With Americans gobbling up more than 1.7 billion pounds of bacon each year, Destination America brings bacon buffs what they crave with an all-new series, UNITED STATES OF BACON. Each episode features our hog-wild host, Chef Todd Fisher, as he road trips to cities across America in search of the most mouth-watering, stomach-growl-inducing, sensory-overloading bacon creations kitchens have to offer. While more than half of all U.S. homes (53%) keep bacon in their fridge at all times, no longer are the sizzling strips being relegated to the sidelines as a simple breakfast side dish. As Chef Todd discovers, bacon has become a beloved fixture of American cuisine for any meal of day and the “secret sauce” for recipes of all kinds, popping up on menus as the crown jewel of traditional dishes and in avant-garde pairings with ice cream, jam, and cocktails. The 12-episode first season of UNITED STATES OF BACON premieres Sunday, December 30 at 10 & 10:30 PM E/P. If only television screens were scratch and sniff!

“From thick cut and juicy to thin and crispy, this series covers every form of bacon under the sun,” said Marc Etkind, SVP of Content Strategy for Destination America. “It’s no wonder bacon is in high demand – just watching UNITED STATES OF BACON induces hunger pangs of epic proportions – but whether or not Americans feel the effects of an ‘aporkalypse’ bacon shortage, it certainly won’t be in short supply on Destination America.”

After the break-out bacon special in summer 2012’s three-part series UNITED STATES OF FOOD earned phenomenal ratings for the network, Chef Todd continued his road trip across America in search of bacon dishes that have diners squealing with delight. In the premiere episode at 10 PM E/P, he visits Milwaukee, a city built on meat. His first stop is to homegrown hangout AJ Bombers for the Barrie Burger, an outrageous chunky peanut butter bacon cheeseburger that’s as savory as it is sweet. Then Todd swings by Saloon on Calhoun, a local bar with a bacon love so deep that they host a daily bacon happy hour featuring bacon-wrapped pork “wings” made from juicy tenderloin. In Kenosha, Todd visits Frank’s Diner, the oldest continuously operating railcar restaurant in America, for a monstrous and meaty Garbage Platter exploding with eggs, hash browns, veggies, five different cheeses, and five kinds of meat. His final stop is the Comet Café, a small venue whose bacon-wrapped meatloaf sandwich and bacon cheddar apple pie have patrons begging for more.

Then at 10:30 PM, he continues his journey to Chicago, home to one of the country’s biggest bacon festivals. His first stop is Gino’s, where he feasts his eyes on a mammoth deep-dish pizza overflowing with meat and, of course, tons of bacon. Next, Todd chomps down on a massive triple-decker BLT at the 140-year-old Green Door Tavern. Finally, he pulls up to Morrie O’Malley’s, a favorite pre-game stop among White Sox fans, for a classic Chicago dog. But up his sleeve, Todd’s got the makings of an innovative new bacon dish: the B-L-Turtle Burger. Other episodes have Todd making pit stops in Des Moines, Seattle, the Bay Area, Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Portland, OR.

Viewers can also curb their bacon cravings by visiting BaconFreak.com, which has partnered with Destination America to provide even more UNITED STATES OF BACON content. The site will treat viewers to special bacon product offers like a limited-edition Destination America gift package of BaconFreak merchandise, co-branded UNITED STATES OF BACON holiday cards, and prize giveaways promoted across their social media handles, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The site will also feature a curated shopping list and exclusive recipes from Chef Todd inspired by BaconFreak products.”

To check out Bacon Freak’s exclusive Destination America bacon bundle, you can follow the bacon here.

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  • Richard Maddei says:

    This is a ridiculous program. The host is obviously the obese host on TV. I can’t believe that the channel would support a program that promotes us getting fatter

    • Kevin F says:

      Then why did come to this site? Get over yourself and thank God that you’re better than everybody else!

    • Seaturtle says:

      You have the option of applying moderation to everything in your life. Do you really NEED others to think and make choices for you? SMH you must live in socialist state of NY or CA

  • Bev says:

    Love the program. Going to try some of the recipes

  • MIKE SOLO says:


  • megan says:

    I tried to watch the show because I wanted to
    see if you included Peter Luger restaurant in
    Brooklyn, NY in your top 10. Alas, I could not watch the whole show because it was too disgusting to watch people eat a BLT with a lb of bacon. FYI: Peter Luger’s is a famous steak house but I think the best thing they serve is a single piece of bacon for $5.
    It is fantastic!

  • Brandy Benton says:

    This show and the United States of burgers are two of the most disgusting showsI have seen in a while on this channel. Why is America fat? This is why! Let’s put a very obese man as a host of a tv show all about fattening burgers and bacon. Really?? What are we teaching our youth? This is not ok!

  • Shawn says:

    If you like the show turn the channel. Bacon is delicious, no I would not eat a pound of bacon my self but if someone wants to who am I or any of us to tell them no.

  • Eddie Wiggins says:

    I have a great bacon recipe. It is a bacon and potatoe sandwich. Cook your bacon crispy. Slice a potatoe into thin slices or wheels. Fry the potatoes in the bacon grease. Season to taste. Load onto bread with mayo & mustard. Enjoy.

  • Calvin M. Haney says:

    On the corner next to the home of the Alabama Crimson Tide Brynt-Denny Stadium is a Small Grill that offers the Best BLT on the planet one slice of Bacon for each National Championship The Tide has won That is 15 slices of Bacon on one BLT WOW!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roll Tide!!

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