United States of Bacon

August 6, 2012 11:57 am Published by 41 Comments

Travel around America and eat lots of bacon? We bet you want to know how you could score a job like that…

Discovery Communications’ cable television channel, Destination America decided to create the most amazing three hours you will ever watch on television. “… chef and restaurateur Todd Fisher searches the country high and low for the best bacon, burgers, and steaks in Destination America’s new series United States of Food. (1)

Therefore for three hours they aired, The United States of Bacon!

So Chef Todd is one pretty lucky guy. Among his explorations he visits a restaurant in Austin, Texas called “Bacon”. An amazing restaurant dedicated to… duh, BACON!


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  • vero says:


    • Jonesy says:

      He looks appropriate for the show he’s hosting. So he’s a chub, big deal. He is hosting United States of BACON, not a modeling show. Sheesh, give a guy a break.

      • Jonesy says:

        And seriously, do you actually think he doesn’t KNOW he’s overweight? I bet you’re a real twig, eh? Judgmental is what you are. I’m pretty sure he’s got good health insurance so don’t you worry about him. Start looking in the mirror and examining your own conscience.

    • NightRavenX says:

      Personally, I NEVER Trust a Skinny Chef.

    • Isaac Hunt says:

      to fat? How about to stupid? It’s TOO, stupid…

  • mary kloss says:

    I am a faithful employee of Thielen Meats of Pierz Minnesota which is a small family run meat market located in a town of 2000 people in central minnesota! I was watching on TMZ about Chef Todd Fischers’ new show “United States of Bacon” On the tour around the nation Chef Todd needs to stop by our little meat market and find out what GREAT BACON really is!!! A few years back we recieved nation wide recognition when a fCood critic from the New York Times somehow tried our bacon! Said it was the best she ever tried! Home cured smoked and sliced. Check us out on Facebook or our website http://www.thielenmeats.com make sure its the original Thielen Meats in Pierz!!!

    • Michael says:

      Mary, I would have to disagree. McDonalds Meats in Clear Lake has the best bacon…and meats! Although Thielen has a quality product it is the variety of flavors offered at McDonalds that puts them over the top! Every time I go back up north, I stop in for some good eats. Plus we’re putting on our own Baconfest Florida 2013 at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek in February and we hope to have Todd be our host.

    • Cara says:

      Mary I would stop at Thielen’s every time I went to Brainerd. They have the BEST BACON EVER!!! Sadly we just ate our last pound of it yesterday. I’m from the cities and I swear there is no better bacon than Thielen’s!! I’ll be seeing you in the spring for more bacon!!

    Slater 50/50 Huntington 8082 Adams Avenue, Beach ca, 92646
    (714) 594-5730
    Ali Rucinski
    General Manager
    714 916-1886

    • Stephanie Gurney says:

      Omg! So good! Especially the 100% bacon burger! They should have it all the time; not just as a special! :@)

  • DahBronx says:

    Yeah buddy!!!!! What a very cool and funny concept!!!!

  • Ross Simmonds says:

    Tell your man to learn proper pronunciations…he butchers the word ” Berkshire” can’t imagine or want to hear how he would attempt to say ” Worcesteshire ” sauce.
    Nice guy….but looses all credibility with his know it all pronunciations !
    An absolute disgrace !

  • Greg Montulli says:


  • John Olthoff says:

    He needs to go to Sodlaks in Snook, TX home of REAL Chicken Fried Bacon

    Sodolak’s Original Country Inn

    Address Snook, TX 77879

  • Gordon Smith says:

    I just discovered this show. Being a lover of “the candy of meat” myself, this show is just my style.

  • John says:

    I just saw the episode from Michigan. He missed one of the best places though. Tony’s in Birch Run has a BLT that has a full pound of bacon.

    • Seaturtle says:

      John, Tony’s was covered in an episode that was aired or re-aired in the time slot just before or just after the one you watched. I watched several last night and saw the 1+ pound BLT at tony’s

  • Bev Harris says:

    Please forward the candied bacon of thick strips recipe.. That was cooked for 3 hours.

    • Richard R says:

      Bacon Bacon
      I did not get the temperature of the oven
      5 slices per lb of bacon
      black pepper
      covered in brown sugar
      “light” chile flakes
      bake in oven for 4 hours

    • Richard R says:

      Apple-smoked free range bacon is used and the show did not say what temperature

  • Matt Rohr says:

    I”ve always been told to NEVER trust a skinny cook…I trust Todd!

  • Laura says:

    This is do disgusting….and I like Bacon. Another show of gluteny in America. Another fat ass unhealthy American stuffing their face with fat. Not a good inspiration to the obese.

  • Michael Raymond says:

    Why don’t you get on epic meal time. The kings of bacon

  • william wipperdink says:

    The japanese pamper Kobe beef so it tastes close to perfection. your being an a**hole is not based on fact

  • Steve Slick Vaal says:

    I’ve been watching his shows, great ideas for what to do with one of the best cuts of meat on the planet! Yeah its not good for you, ect., ect. ect. but how many people can honestly say they don’t have some type of food that we shouldn’t eat but do when we splurge, if its not bacon, its something else. I made a batch of the 50/50 burgers last weekend, ground beef and raw bacon ground together, absolutely incredible!!!!! I know I can’t eat them all the time, but what a burger. I made them well done like the chef that made them on the show, I even used my George Foreman grill, and even though they were well done,they were tender and juicy, it was all fat of course but………I still haven’t decided what I’m going to make this weekend with bacon but whats the difference, if its got bacon in it, its good!!!! Enjoy your bacon everybody!!!

  • abigail says:

    I love bacon so much! I know its unhealthy but its so fluffing good!! 🙂

  • Weida says:

    Chef Todd you are my families hero, especially for my son! We are going to take another bacon run soon. We did the Detroit run last summer. Love the Workshop! Keep up the good work!

  • Kim says:

    Would like to find out what the name of the restaurant in Philadelphia, that had the bacon bloody mary. It was on your show.

  • william wipperdink says:

    I am wondering if Niman Ranch Bacon is as humanely raised as they say. does anyone have any links to articles with further info on their pork raising. I could only find superficial articles. I can get their bacon from costco at an attractive price

  • JD says:

    A chef was using a PVC pipe as a form to make macaroni ‘buns’. PVC is made with toxic materials that leach. They should find a different material. Immediately.

  • Corey says:

    Sanders Meats bacon in Custer Michigan has the best bacon on the planet!

  • Francine Grimwood says:

    love the show——-nad bacon

  • bacon taco says:

    The host of USoB is so annoying. The show is fun. But then we keep having to watch Todd’s O-face everytime his fat face bites into something. I can’t watch anymore it is so annoying.

  • Jenn says:

    I came online and Googled Chef Todd because I noticed he has gotten a lot bigger than he used to be. He is going to die with High Cholesterol, Diabetes, and Heart Failure. Bacon is good but, he doesn’t need to keep doing this show. His health is more important.

  • Gary says:

    I think it was 250, low and slow

  • Clemo says:

    Oh boo who poor animals that are meant to be consumed

  • Lucas says:

    Is it just me or is he trying hard to be like Guy Fieri on triple D. Never gonna happen Todd.

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