Turkey Bacon is NOT Real Bacon

September 12, 2008 12:48 am Published by 7 Comments

The votes are in folks. Turkey bacon does not qualify as real bacon. In the first ever Bacon Today reader feedback poll we posed the question:

“Is Turkey Bacon Really Bacon?”

An overwhelming 88% of you said NO, turkey bacon is not real bacon. I for one side with the majority here. For me there is only one true bacon and that’s the kind that comes from good old fashioned hogs.

Thanks to everyone for voting. Look for more bacon polls in the near future!

–Mr. B.

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  • Chefbaconbits says:

    The following is my side of the bacon/turkey bacon argument I have with my sister on a regular basis….

    reason #1: Turkeys don’t have the deliciousness that pork does
    #2: Turkeys don’t have fat bellies needed to make bacon
    #3: Turkey bacon is mostly thigh meat that is smoked, chopped, processed, dyed, formed, pressed and sliced into strips that resemble traditional pork bacon. (note the use of the word resemble)
    #4: Turkey bacon has a texture and taste of Beggin’ Strips.

    Give up the turkey bacon…. return to Pork. There are leaner Bacon varietals (Canadian, for one…. it’s 99% lean and comes from a whole loin of pork and minimally processed) Try the Irish Bacon also known as back bacon, which is low in fat too.

  • Nicola says:

    Chefbaconbits you are awesome. Turkey bacon is not real bacon. It doesn’t taste good. Give me the real stuff.

  • Gayle says:

    Pork is one of the worst things that humans can consume and is the worst meat to consume.

  • Emma says:

    Turkey bacon definitely doesn’t count as real bacon but it’s tasty in its own right, it has a completely different flavor and crispness level. But “tasty” doesn’t compare to “heaven”.

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