Turbaconducken: Turducken Wrapped in Bacon {the original!}

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Turducken Wrapped in Bacon: Turbaconducken

[First published in November 2008]

How to make a bacon-wrapped turducken (turbaconducken)

Just in time for the winter season comes a recipe that is sure to bring bacon lovers some warm holiday cheer. Turbaconducken. That’s right a chicken stuffed in duck stuffed in a turkey, all wrapped in bacon. Otherwise known as a bacon-wrapped turducken.

Turbaconducken Raw (turducken wrapped in bacon)

Just how did we create this meaty madness? Read on.

Bacon-Wrapped Turducken Recipe Ingredients

It all started with a dream and a whole bunch of bacon. Five pounds of bacon to be exact.

Turbaconducken (turducken wrapped in bacon) ingredients

For some variety we used three types of bacon, including Boss Hog’s Pepper Country Bacon for the decorative topping.

Turbaconducken (turducken wrapped in bacon) ingredients

We used a 15 pound turkey, a small duck, and a pre-cut whole chicken. We consulted the internet for a turducken recipe, modified it to suit our needs, and hoped for the best.

Bacon-Wrapped Turducken Recipe Instructions

We started by wrapping the chicken pieces in bacon.

raw chicken wrapped in bacon

Then we split the duck into two halves…

duck meat raw

…and wrapped the duck halves in bacon.

raw duck halves wrapped in bacon

At this point the chicken and duck started looking pretty big, so we test fit the pieces into the turkey. There wasn’t any room to spare but we managed to get all the pieces in there.

raw turkey stuffed with bacon-wrapped chicken and duck

Then we wrapped the turkey in bacon and the feast was ready for the oven.

turkey wrapped in bacon in pan ready to cook

We cooked the birds in a roaster oven on low heat. Cooking took all day but the results were worth the wait.

Final Turbaconducken Recipe Results

turbaconducken (turducken wrapped in bacon) fully cooked on serving platter

The cooked concoction looked mouth-wateringly good after pulling it out of the oven.

Some of the bacon shifted during cooking, but overall the bacon held together quite well after an entire day in the oven.

bacon-wrapped turducken fully cooked on a platter (side view)

The final product was moist and absolutely delicious. We used no seasoning whatsoever. The bacon gave the poultry just the right hint of salty goodness.

bacon-wrapped turcked close up on plate

The original turbaconducken is perfect holiday meal for bacon lovers everywhere. Meet lovers, rejoice! 🙂

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