Turbaconducken – The Year in Review

November 22, 2009 10:03 pm Published by 2 Comments


It’s been one year since we unleashed the Turbaconducken on the world. Tens of thousands of web sites link to our little creation, numerous radio stations and newspapers have interviewed us, and nearly half a million people have shared their love (or disgust) of the Turbaconducken with others. Here’s a few of the Turbaconducken highlights from the past 12 months.

  1. 300 Comments and Growing
    The original Turbaconducken page has over 300 comments left by our awesome readers. In fact, the comments list is longer than the original article. Some people love it, some people hate it but everyone seems to have an opinion and that’s just fine with us.
  2. Nearly 50,000 Results for Turbaconducken on Google
    Through links and stories and tributes, nearly 50,000 sites mention the little word we made up in November 2008. Makes us feel all warm & fuzzy.
  3. The Turbaconducken tribute site
    Luke, Todd, Jason, Robert, and Keith got together and cooked up their own Turbaconducken for about a dozen lucky friends. The entire process and ensuing dinner party was captured on a documentary-style web site. Read about the adventure.
  4. People Make Turbaconducken the “Right” Way
    A lot of folks criticized the fact that we didn’t de-bone the birds when we made the original Turbaconducken. Sites like this one show people how they’ve made the Turbaconducken the “right” way. We love seeing folks express their passion for bacon. We love it so much we won’t mention that they didn’t wrap anything in bacon which means their creation is really just a turducken with bacon in it. If you want to make a Turbaconducken and stay true to tradition you’ve got to wrap each bird in bacon individually, then stuff them all together.
  5. Turbaconducken and the Economic Stimulus Package
    Finally, syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin used the Turbaconducken as a comparison point for the U.S. Economic Stimulus package. She called her article  “The”tiny” trillion-dollar Turbaconducken you don’t care about” and the article went out across tens of thousands of media outlets around the globe. We like to think that President Obama may have read our little article and had himself a chuckle. He hasn’t left a comment yet, but we’re pretty sure he’s just crafting the appropriate presidential response.

We’d like to thank all the commenters and all those folks that have read the original article and passed it along to friends, family, and enemies alike. We’re always cooking up new ideas here at Bacon Today. Expect to see much more in the coming year.

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