Top Ten Bacon T-Shirts For True Baconistas

October 26, 2010 5:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts


There are so many great bacon T-shirts out there these days, that it sometimes gets hard to keep track of exactly which one’s truly are the very coolest and most popular styles, with the funniest, cleverest or cutest phrases and pictures featured.

Here’s a helpful list of the current top ten bacon T-shirts, according to those Bacon Freaks that we have spoken to and what we see proudly plastered across people’s chests as they walk around town.

#1: Bacon Is Meat Candy 

#2: Jim Gaffigan’s “Bibbity Bobbity Bacon”

#3: Baconista 

#4: Push Button – Receive Bacon

#5: I’m A Chick Who Likes Bacon 

#6: I Heart Bacon

#7: Bacon Is Like A Little Hug From God  

#8: Bacon makes Everything Better

#9: I Pledge Allegiance To Bacon  

#10: Hail Bacon

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