Top Ten 2014 Bacon Recipes

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Top Ten 2014 Bacon Recipes

Better late than never! Here are our top 10 recipes from 2014 based on Facebook likes. That’s right, the people have spoken and these are our recipes that they liked (loved!) the most. We’re noticing a trend here; people really like recipes made with Guinness, alcohol, junk food and, uh, round, ball-shaped foods… We’re glad our fans share the same values as us: a love of bacon, booze and over-the-top recipes like our deep-fried Doritos bacon and our chocolate bacon tater tots. Thanks to ABC News, Thrillist and Foodbeast for featuring some of these recipes. What do you think of this list? What was your favorite recipe from last year? Cast your vote in the comments section!

10. Bacon Choco Tots


9. Bacon Spice Latte


8. Bacon Ranch Cheese Ball


7. Guinness BBQ Sauce Glazed Bacon


6. Bacon Kahlua and Espresso Bean Fudge


5. Bacon Stuffed Potato Balls


4. Nacho Doritos Battered Bacon


3. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with Bacon


2. Chocolate Guinness Bacon Waffles


1. Bacon Chocolate Guinness Challah Bread Pudding


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