Top Chef Kevin Gillespie Bacon Today Interview

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Bacon Today had the opportunity to have a nice sit down interview with Top Chef Finalist, Kevin Gillespie while he was preparing to host the International Bacon Day celebration in Cincinnati, OH, which was sponsored by Purina, in honor of their popular ‘Beggin’ bacon flavored dog snacks, backing September.

The event, called the “Beggin’ Bacon Bash” was so seriously over reported on, and since we had already written a preliminary story about the event and Kevin’s “porkticipation” in it, we decided to allow the smoke to clear and the hype to settle, before releasing what proved to be a most impressive and interesting, very in-depth, honest and straight from the heart interview with Chef Kevin.

In the interview, Kevin shares with our audience exactly how and why he developed such a passion for cooking with bacon and other pork products as well as shares some very frank (pun intended) “behind the scenes” stories and information about everybody’s all-time favorite reality TV series, Top Chef.

Experience Kevin’s sincerest thoughts, deepest interests, true beliefs and plans for the future, direct from the very mouth of the “Baconista” Chef who has fed the world on a diet of premium quality, country cut gourmet bacon ever since he first stepped into the kitchen and started heating up the stove, long before the Hollywood television cameras of “so called” reality TV brought this very sincere and truly likable Bacon Freak to the entire TV watching world.

Enjoy the video of this amazingly open and up front interview with the bacon world’s favorite fellow flesh fanatic, Chef Kevin Gillespie.

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