The Top 10 Bacon Photos of 2012

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The title says it all.

You guys clicked away and these photos were the most “liked” of 2012. You guys just kept liking and liking. And you know what? You’re awesome for it! What other blog site can boast that we engage with our readers? (Probably quite a few.) But none as cool as ours! C’mon, it’s BACON!

Ready for the greatness according to you? Here we go!

1. Not surprisingly, this giant pile of bacon.

Giant Pile of Bacon

2. This cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped jalapeno. Guess people like it cheesy and spicy!

bacon wrapped cheese stuffed jalapeno

3. This Some e-card that YES, Bacon Today created. (Well, let’s give the author [ME] some credit. Yep, I made this baby. And I’m proud.)

Do you want my leftover bacon

4. A bunch of bacon frying in a pan. Simple yet beautiful.


5. This big bacon cheeseburger. Wow, you guys really like cheese!

Big Bacon Cheeseburger

6. Again with the cheese! A cheesy bacon wrapped avocado.


7. People would rather vote for bacon!


8. A wise observation.

whoever says

9. This awesome Bacon-Cabin-Gingerbread-Meat-House… thing!

Bacon Cabin- gingerbread house

10. And more true words of wisdom.

You Can't Buy Happiness

There you have it readers and fans! Your favorites! And for those of you that didn’t know we had a Facebook page… for shame! Go and “Like” it now!

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