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This past weekend I finally got around to seeing “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.” It was just as good as everyone said it was! And when I say “everyone” I mean “the surprisingly small number of people who saw it.” And guess what? When Scott has hit his lowest ebb and he needs a good kick in the rear to get him started, his reliable gay roommate Kieran Culkan serves him up a tasty looking plate of bacon. I always knew I liked that family! It had been a while since I’d seen bacon on the big screen and it made me wonder what my prospects are for finding bacon on the small screen at home. Here, for your eating pleasure:

Top 10 Bacon-related videos on YouTube

1) How it’s Made

There are two things you don’t want to know what goes into them: politics and sausage. But this is bacon, so it’s probably okay. View this instructive video (in the style of Mr. Rogers’s “Picture-picture” exposés) and you’ll learn the true meaning of liquid smoke and pork rinds.

2) Jim Gaffigan on Bacon

Gaffigan is the sine qua non of bacon comics. Though he became known for his Hot Pocket comedy, his bacon jokes are worthy of the ultimate breakfast treat. The Friars Club isn’t likely to roast bacon any time soon (everyone knows it’s supposed to be fried) so this is as good as we’re liable to get.

3) Mom throws out the bacon

This clip from “Wife Swap” featured a very well-spoken and agitated young man who, quite understandably, rebels when his new reality-TV mom throws his bacon away. This internet meme has over 3 million views and has spawned various remixes and tributes, but like bacon, is best in its pure, unadulterated form.

4) Bacon rocket

These innovative Brits attempt to be the first to launch bacon into space. The results are more hilarious than tasty, but what really makes this video worthy of the top 10 list is the “Bacon and rocketry, a perfect harmony” song, which turns out to be [spoiler] more musically sound than scientifically true.

5) Bacon and egg ice cream

Seriously, do you need any more motivation to watch this video? What if I tell you it’s a how-to video hosted by a chef with a British accent? YouTube is free to watch, but I’m not responsible if you blow all your dough on a plane ticket to be closer to this dessert.

6) Ali G and the BLT WTF

More Brits, this time making Americans the butt of the joke. At 2:05, Sasha Barron-Cohen poses a question to Pat Buchanan confusing weapons of mass destruction with bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches. Buchanan’s response is pretty amazing.

7) Frying bacon

Had enough of British interlopers, sampled music, and production value? Well here it is, bacon in its most unadulterated form. This is the Yule log of bacon videos: it’s just 5 minutes of bacon frying. Should this be its own cable channel? Can I set this as my screen saver? It’s just like those nature videos with the sound of falling rain, only instead of rain it’s meat. The twist: later, an egg gets fried. The mystery: why does this video have 62,000 views?

8 ) Original Footloose music video

For sheer view count, this Kenny Loggins video takes first prize at 5 and a half million and counting. And it’s undeniably a Bacon video: he’s all over the thing!

9) “Good morning, Mr. Breakfast”

Though the antagonist in the film is named Francis, Pee-wee is a friend of bacon as evidenced in this memorable clip from a classic comedy.

10) Joker crime spree

And speaking of movies directed by Tim Burton, if you haven’t seen the original Batman film for a while, you might have forgotten the panache Jack Nicholson brought to the role of Joker. Who ever thought we could forget such a thing? Certainly, in this Gotham, a Joker crime spree is a far gentler thing than in “The Dark Knight,” but it turns out nobody’s all bad, and the Joker prevents his gang of hooligans from defacing a portrait of Sir Francis Bacon because he “kinda likes this one.” No wonder he’s the villain we all root for.

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