Tim Horton’s Bacon Sandwich

August 9, 2009 12:01 am Published by 4 Comments


On a recent trip to Toronto, I got a craving for some good old-fashioned, non-Canadian bacon. I ran into a Tim Horton’s fast food restaurant not quite knowing what to expect and ordered a Breakfast Sandwich with bacon. What I got was a great meal featuring crispy, savory bacon in a compact package.

The quality of the bacon was excellent. The placement on the sandwich was my only gripe, but the tastiness more than made up for the poor presentation. Heck, not everyone is going to pop the top off the sandwich for a photograph. By the way, the eggs were great as well. So much better than what you get from another popular fast Mc-food place featuring baconless breakfast sandwiches.

I just wish they had Tim Horton’s restaurants on the west coast of the United States. Oh well, gives me a good excuse for another bacon-filled trip.

Smaste™ rating: 31.202

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  • ColtonCat says:

    I am from Vancouver, but travel frequently down the western side of the USA and fully agree with your sentiments about wishing Tim Horton’s could be found on the Western side of the USA.

    Perhaps someone out there with more money than I would buy a franchise along the I5…

  • phil says:

    I used to work at tim’s and trust me they don’t know anything about bacon. it’s gross, and pre-cooked and then microwaved to order. doesn’t compare at all to any kind of real bacon. The factories they make that microwave bacon in are creepy, it’s full of artificial flavour. Also the egg patties come frozen and are baked in the oven. Super sketchy.

  • doby says:

    Phil is right, Timmies bacon is rubbish. You’re lucky you got one that was crispy, the vast majority of the time the bacon appears rubbery, not crispy, and steamed from being held too long in the drawer. It is pre-cooked and nuked and then held in a drawer, the eggs too, the cheese is all processed, the biscuit is probably the reason you thought it was tasty. Breakfast sandwiches are so easy to make at home, fast food rarely cuts the mustard. Choose one with “cane sugar” rather than “sugar” or “glucose/fructose” (that’s what High Fructose Corn Syrup is labelled as in Canada) and your sandwich will be even better. A little aged cheddar, some natural bacon, bake your own scratch biscuits, boom!

    As far as fast food goes, most places will have an independent breakfast cafe where you’ll get a brek sand putting Tims’ to shame.

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