The Skinny Little Lie That Could Kill You

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It’s a life threatening lie that has been propagated by a culture that has gone obsessively mad, lost in the raving craving to acquire the ultimate, unattainable world of the teeny tiny, trim and tight little body that is just beyond the reach of even the most anorexic, bulimic and disturbingly “eating disordered”!

How did we ever allow ourselves to buy into this insane rape and life threatening trap of absolute cr*p? The truth is, not only is it not true that we need to avoid eating fats at all costs, but in fact, Doctors and University Researchers openly admit that in fact, our bodies actually need a consistent supply of fats for our bodies to stay healthy.

Here’s the actual scientific facts that the maniacal, sadomasochistic deviants of the fashion industry simply don’t ant you to know.

We ALL need to regularly consume fat in order to stay healthy and alive!

Did you know that:

– Fat provides desperately needed energy to run and activate the body and its necessary systems and organs.

– It is extremely difficult for the human body to avoid falling into “starvation mode” and the body begins to shut down and devour itself when eating many of the popular “low fat diets” that are currently sweeping the nation

– Fat is needed to prevent essential fatty acid deficiency.

– You must eat consistent amounts of fat in order for your body to effectively absorb the fat soluble vitamins such as A, S, E, K, in order to prevent serious deficiencies of these vital vitamins.

– Fat naturally provides flavor and texture to help prevent food from being bland and dry.

– Fat actually helps lubricate the intestines and stomach lining to aid in proper digestion.

– Fat helps food to stay in the stomach longer, giving a greater sense of satisfaction and preventing over eating and weight gain from hunger occurring too soon after meals.

– Fat helps your body produce endorphins, which are natural substances in the brain that produce positive, pleasurable, happy and satisfied and content feelings and sensations.

– Most highly renowned and respected “Diet Doctor” applauded by other Doctors in the medical and nutritional community will tell you that you that Fat should actually be 30% of your daily diet, each and every meal that you eat.

– Diets too low in fat (less than 20 – 25%) may trigger cravings.

– Fat provides stored “back-up energy” if blood sugar supplies run out after 4 to 6 hours of going without food.

– Fat provides the necessary insulation under the skin to naturally protect us from the elements such as cold and heat.

– Fat protects organs and bones from shock and provides support for organs.

– Fat surrounds and insulates nerve fibers to help transmit nerve impulses.

– Fat is part of every cell membrane in the body and it helps our body transport nutrients and metabolites across cell membranes.

– Your body uses fat to make a variety of other life sustaining building blocks needed for everything from creating necessary hormones to activating our immune function.

– If you don’t get your daily allotment of fat on a regular basis, you will begin to see the detrimental effects as your bodies fat supplies are increasingly diminished, such as:

Dry, scaly skin / Hair loss / Low body weight / Cold intolerance / Low immunity & weak immune system / Excessive bruising / Low energy / Depression / Diminished growth & healing / Lower resistance to infection / Clouded & distorted thought processes / Loss of menstruation in females.

Wow, what a load of bull we have been sold by a group of twisted, deviant, self obsessed fanatics, seeking perfection while losing their health and ability to reason, heal, grow and enjoy life. How very sad!

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