The (Rockin’) Lobster Guy

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Look, all you baconistas. If you’re like me, you know man can’t survive on just bacon alone. (Believe me. I’ve tried it, and you do reach a limit on salt and fat after a few weeks.) Bacon candy is much sweeter when you step away from straight bacon for a day or so. But only a day, mind you. We’ve got reputations to keep up around here.


That’s exactly why you need to look occasionally at the culinary world around you and learn new ways to combine your favorite sweet, sweet bacon with other foods. It’s a reminder of how great pork bellies can be when you experience them working as a complementary force with other meats, fish, and even vegetables of all kinds.


Need an example? I whipped up this bacon-lobster macaroni and cheese dish some time ago. I’m using the technical cooking term when I describe it as “awesome.” Along with bacon (and sometimes even without it), lobster is absolutely one of my favorite things on the planet to cook, eat, and enjoy with family and close friends.


So when I get that craving for my favorite invertebrate of the sea, I turn to The Lobster Guy. That’s none other than Captain Tim, whom you might know from The Discovery Channel. Tim’s New England-based family business has been catching and selling some of the most amazing lobsters for several generations. I was reminded of their legendary status recently when I opened my latest package of delicious New England lobsters from Tim. They were even more juicy, succulent, and full of rich lobster flavor than I recalled.


Did I mention they have the best prices? Well, they do. What’s also cool is that Tim sells other delicacies from the sea: sea scallops, littleneck clams, oysters, stuffed shrimp, chowder, and even surf-and-turf classics. Yum—that’s even more good stuff that you can infuse with delicious bacon flavors!

 So this holiday season and beyond, be sure to check out You’ll be so glad you did. Tell Tim and his crew I sent you. Trust me, folks. You won’t be sorry.

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