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In our quest for bacon enlightenment we stumbled on The Redhead, a restaurant located in the East Village, New York. Well, we found their website anyway. Of particular interest to us, The Redhead produces and sells Bacon Peanut Brittles. They ship this ingenious fusion of sweet peanut brittle and savory bacon across the US and generously sent us a sample.

The first thing I noticed about this concoction was that it’s freshly made and has a short ingredient list. That fact immediately appealed to me, in the world of bacon flavored treats, too often you find ingredient lists with five syllable chemicals and nary a mention of actual bacon. When we look at a bacon product, we want bacon, not bacon themed. This is a delightful treat, and it isn’t just a novelty product. There’s real bacon in the brittles and it’s made to be eaten and ENJOYED – you can taste the difference. The list by the way is: Peanuts, Maple Syrup, Bacon, Salt, Spices. That’s it.

OK, enough preaching, I know. On to the taste test –

I found the Bacon Peanut Brittles had a fantastic combination of flavors, you can distinguish the maple, the peanut, the slight spice, and the bacon. They complement each other perfectly and provide a good balance. Not too salty, not too sweet, no too rich either. If done poorly, this could be overly salty/sweet and come out inedible. Not the case here, the brittle has a good measure of each without overdoing it.

This is more of a coated peanut rather than a traditional hardened magma flow of sweetness with peanuts floating in it. Chewy and crunchy at the same time, to me it’s an ideal snack. There are serious pitfalls to avoid here – you don’t want brittle that’s like eating petrified leather, or something that’s melted in the package and you need a straw to extract. Thankfully The Redhead has the texture sorted just right.

$16.95 for a (3) 4 oz packets
$21.95 for (1) 1 lb bag

This is a fantastic treat, and one I highly recommend! If you are looking for a unique gift for that special bacon lover in your life, check it out. Your bacon fan won’t roll their eyes and dump this on top of their mountain of faux-bacon paraphernalia, they will eat and enjoy it. Sadly, the vultures have descended on my poorly hidden stash of delicious brittle and it will soon be but a memory, almost time for a reorder!

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