The Real Baconator Challenge 2010

February 10, 2010 8:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Wendy’s came out with a burger that has 6 patties.  6!

After looking up the stats on this burger I could only find the info on the Baconator Triple, which is  HALF the size of the 6 patty (duh!), so I’ve doubled everything I found to get a better idea of what is in this 6 burger death wish:

  • 2660 calories
  • 172 grams of fat
  • 690 mg of cholesterol
  • 180 grams of protein (okay, that’s not bad… just triple what any human being needs)
  • 94 grams of carbs
  • The Baconator Triple has 9 strips of bacon… does the 6 patty have 18??  (Swoon?)

Sweet Hamhocks.  I can feel my stroke forming in my left lobe.  And check out this guy, he actually ATE the whole thing and didn’t die (immediately):


This guy either is A) a new breed of human being or B) a complete and utter idiot.

I really thought around 2:04 that he was going to throw up.  Or quit.  Or fall over dead.  But either way, kudos for Wendy’s for going that extra mile and keeping us meat lovers flush in bacon!  (Although, we may send you our medical bill.  Just saying…)

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