The Proctor-Silex Bacon Cooker

February 19, 2009 12:01 am Published by 3 Comments

At first I thought it was simply a toaster. Well, to be honest I didn’t even think of it at all. Who really THINKS about toasters? I was sitting around the kitchen table at my grandma’s house when I glanced up and saw something that caught my eye.


Yes, this is a rather bland toaster on the kitchen counter. Normally I see the toaster from the angle in the photo above. A steep, downward pitch when placing a slice of bread into the unit and pulling down the spring-activated handle.


What I noticed from across the room while sitting at eye level to the toaster at the counter was the decorative vent slots to the right of the Proctor-Silex brand name. Could it be…why yes I think it might just be…BACON!


I have yet to try my hand at cooking bacon in the toaster. As a matter of fact, the thought of imminent grease fires will probably always prevent me from doing so. You’ve got to love Proctor-Sliex’s homage to the perfect meat though. I mean, they could have chosen any shape for those vent slots. They chose bacon.

P.S. we salute you!

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  • baconator says:

    Interesting idea, but I think a toaster oven’s going to be your new best friend for cooking bacon. Try cooking it for 4-6 hours at 170-180F. Every two hours, pat the rendered fat off each strip, and turn over. Make sure you have the bacon on racks so as to keep it from sitting in its own fat.

  • Teresa says:

    First of all, way to be a tease. Second, in regard to the first comment, who the hell can wait 4-6 HOURS for bacon to be done?? I can barely wait the 20 minutes it takes to cook thick sliced bacon at medium-low on my stove.

  • baconator says:

    Well you can always nuke a slice if you’re impatient….

    And those times are thick slices. Thin slices are closer to 3 hours. But you should try it once.

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