The Original Pancake House – A Serious Bacon Freak’s Home Away From Home!

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The Pacific Northwest has long been renowned as the veritable “Holy Land” of awesome, all natural restaurants, with connoisseur, culinary competence to create “classy cuisine,” “choice cookery” or “comestible chow” capable of captivating the complete cross-culture of chewable concession, from café’ to canteen and from coffee-shop to chuck wagon.

The Original Pancake House, founded by Les Highet and Erma Hueneke in Portland, Oregon back in 1953, draws upon their decades of experience as both “chefs” and “cooks,” particularly their extensive expertise in the proper and precise preparation and presentation of authentic national and ethnic pancake recipes and original menu items that have drawn national acclaim.

Now in it’s third generation of family ownership and management, they take great pride in maintaining the highest possible standards, using only the very finest and truly fresh ingredients, successfully propelling this national treasure into a now prosperous, popular and prominent restaurant chain, with well over 100 franchises, coast to coast across the United States.

Perhaps even more important than all of that, however, is the fact that they serve up the most amazingly delicious Bacon Pancakes and Bacon Waffles. We’re talking real, truly authentic Bacon Pancakes (Buttermilk pancakes filled with real bits of bacon, served with whipped butter and hot syrup) and Bacon Waffles (Golden brown waffle baked with real bits of bacon, served with whipped butter and hot syrup).

For those of you, who may have already had your three daily recommended allotments of bacon, be sure to try their “Three Little Pigs in Blankets” (Special links wrapped in light buttermilk pancakes and lightly dusted with powdered sugar, served with whipped butter and hot tropical syrup).

Here’s what they have to say about their pancakes & waffles, in their own words:

All of our Formulas and Recipes are authentic and were selected from many submitted to us by housewives of the nationality originating the pancakes of their respective countries.”

“Our old-fashioned sourdough yeast, just like your great grandmother used to use, is used in all our pancake batters. It is grown in our own kitchen from a culture of potatoes, flour and sugar, activated by a “start of yeast”. The sourdough yeast gives light, fine-textured pancakes.”Enzymes are organic substances created by nature to serve as catalysts and to convert food to energy.”

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  • Scott says:

    The location I visit in Las Vegas does not disappoint! Those bacon pancakes are to die for!

  • Brenton says:

    If you are in Portland, you might give some thought to road tripping over to Astoria to check out the Pig’n Pancake. They serve up some great bacon! (Okay, there is one in Portland too, but I’ll take any excuse to go to the coast…)

  • Celebrate Odd Etsy says:

    There is one north of Cincinnati! Now I have to go there and try it! I hope it is still open…

  • BetterThanAndrew says:

    The one in Seatlle (on 15th between Greenwood and Ballard) does not disappoint. Just be prepared for the wait. It’s always packed on the weekends.

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