The Omelet House

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Omelet House

Nestled in Henderson, Nevada in the commercial district along Boulder Highway, a small omelette shop has been the location of many a delicious breakfast for several decades. The curiously spelled Omelet House has dozens of omelettes that cover a range of deliciousness and more than five of them contain bacon.

Take, for example, the B.B.&C. – an omelette for the health conscious with broccoli, bacon and cheddar cheese. At least with the broccoli in there you can pretend that it’s good for you.

From the farm? Then try the Country Club omelette. It’s got turkey, bacon, tomatoes and cheddar cheese.

My favorite? A sweet, simple little combo with just bacon and cheddar cheese, billed as Petunia Pig. (Porky’s girlfriend, of course!)

Petunia Pig

They have a TON of omelettes and the prices are reasonable considering the massive size of the portions they bring to the table. Check it out next time you’re in Henderson and be sure to tell them that Bacon Today sent you!

Overall smaste™ rating: 42.199

— Mike

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  • Lars Vargas says:

    Hey, next time you’re in Vegas, look me up. I live about 3 miles from the Omelet House and a good friend of mine has been writing about it this week in his blog. (I have a blog, but somehow never write.) Heck, he’s been 3 times already! We should sample a few omelets, and get the Smaste(tm) calculator out for each, although a 42.199 overall is pretty solid!

    I wonder how a “Ms. Eve” with bacon would be?

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