The Many Uses of Bacon Grease

October 15, 2012 1:14 am Published by 7 Comments

Yes, bacon is delicious. It’s kind of a… “no, duh!” If you disagree- STOP trolling on our Bacon site ya’ bacon hater!

Phew, now that we got that out of our system… This brings us to the many awesome and different ways you can use that bacon grease you’re about to toss out or clog your drain with.

How about we form a list for you. Lists are cool. Lists are easy to follow. Plus you can even turn this list into a “check” list. Ooh, now we’re just getting fancy.

And here we go!

1. Popping popcorn on your stove top. Instead of using olive oil (or that icky Canola oil you have hiding in the depths of your pantry), use your stored bacon fat!
2. If you have dogs, add it to their dog food for better flavor and digestion. Not to mention is helps keep their coats shiny and healthy.
3. When baking cornbread (or any other bread) use it to grease the baking pan or skillet before you add the mixture.
4. Add it to those green things we like to call “veggies” while you’re cooking. This way you don’t really need to add much salt, and it gives the veggies a hint of delicious porky flavor.
5. Use bacon fat in place of margarine for certain recipes. Get crazy and experiment. You will only find your favorite recipe by having fun with it!
6. Use it while frying up potatoes, steaks, shrimp, onions, eggs… practically anything you can think of frying up. Except for zombies. Don’t use bacon grease to fry up a zombie.
7. Add bacon fat into cream cheese to make as a sauce for different dishes. It tastes delicious poured over squash, broccoli, steaks, and potatoes. Also works well in gravy recipes.
8. When making pancakes, instead of using oil, use bacon grease. So genius.
9. Add into soups when you’re cooking over the stove- it will give your soup that extra hint of delicious savory flavor.
10. For an even tastier turkey sandwich (or any other lunch meat), lay warm liquid bacon grease on a plate to form a very thin layer. Lay your turkey slices (or whatever meat you like for your sandwiches) on top of the grease to just lightly coat the lunch meat. Then simply add to your sandwich. You may do this with your cheese if you would like too. This method is so tasty you won’t need to use mayonnaise. You can also use the bacon grease to fry up that sandwich after you’re done putting it together!
11. Rub bacon grease all over your body to remain forever youthful! Just kidding. (Although one guy in the office swears by it. We’re apt to believe him because no one can tell his real age.)

Now that you have ten (maybe eleven) reasons to hang onto that bacon fat, your fridge or freezer should contain glass (or metal) closed containers full of the stuff. When you’re done cooking your bacon, simply pour the grease into the container and store it! It’s as simple as that. We think it’s a lot easier than having to discard it. Therefore that opens up some more time for us to be able to eat that bacon we just cooked up. Sounds like a win-win to us!

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  • Joan Maxwell says:

    Mix it with birdseed and put out for the birds in the winter. You can also smash it into large pinecones and hang them for the birds. They love it!!

  • Eric Weiss says:

    “Don’t use bacon grease to fry up a zombie” …why??

  • Ann Rowe Towle says:

    The best molasses cookies use bacon grease instead of butter or shortening….yum!

  • CarrelDawn Cline says:

    I use hickory-smoked bacon grease when I roast pumpkin seeds. I add less salt, and everyone loves my variety of pumpkin seeds.
    When I poured the hot bacon grease into a glass jar the jar broke and I had hot bacon grease all over the counter. Use metal, or allow the grease to cool first.

    • Marilyn says:

      I use glass jars from pickles that we have eaten up! Just wash them up good and use the jar! Also glass speghetti jars and canning jars as well! You should see my refrigerator one whole shelf has 17 jars of bacon yummy grease on it! I put it in most everything! I just cook my bacon and put it in a metal cup to cool it on the counter and then add it to the current jar that’s going! I do not throw it out!

  • mary jamison says:

    So – how long can you store the bacon grease in the fridge?

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