The Lady Behind the Bacon Bra. Literally.

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Jennifer Eolin for Bacon Freak: Hi, Nicky. Thanks for doing this interview with me.

Nicky Stein-Grohs: Of course, Jennifer. How could I turn down an opportunity to discuss bacon?

Jennifer: I saw your bacon bra photo on the internet and thought, “Man, I need to know this lady.”

Jennifer continues: So let’s start at the beginning, what brought you to bacon?

Nicky: Hmmm, probably the deliciousness.

Jennifer: That is reason enough! So how long have you been addicted to bacon?

Nicky: I wouldn’t say I’m addicted. But I love it. Sometimes I want to be a vegetarian but I think I’d be a “bacontarian” instead. I think my love for bacon has been growing for most of my life. I think it came to a culmination a couple years ago. I was dating a guy who really liked to cook breakfast and breakfast is my favorite meal. We ate a lot of bacon, he introduced me to bacon and cream cheese on a bagel which is now my favorite, and I started experimenting with combinations.

Jennifer: OOO – bacon and cream cheese is heavenly. What kind of combinations are you trying?

Nicky: Have you tried the Elvis sandwich?

Jennifer: No! What is it?

Nicky: Banana, bacon, and peanut butter.

Jennifer: Excuse me while I swoon.

Nicky: Yeah, be sure to try it right after this interview! I had my first annual Bring Your Own Bacon party in July of 2008. Everyone brings a bacon dish. The 3rd one is coming up in April! People started buying me bacon gifts and sending me all sorts of interesting bacon articles around that time, so I guess that was the start to this bacon-love.

Jennifer: A BYOB party with a porky twist. I love it! So describe how you went from “I love to eat bacon!” to “I wonder what it’s like to wear bacon?”

Nicky: I am sorry to say I don’t remember the exact moment. I had been reading a couple bacon blogs, including Bacon Freak, and I’d seen some raw bacon bras around on the internet. I thought: “Bacon bra! Awesome! But it’s raw. Kind of gross!”

Jennifer: Yeah, the raw one freaks me out.

Nicky: So I started thinking about making a cooked bacon bra and wearing bacon just seemed like an added bonus of making the bra. I ran it by my Titter friends–

Jennifer: Titter?

Nicky: Yes, you heard right. Anyway, someone thought I couldn’t make a cooked bacon bra. So then it was a challenge. And I can’t turn down a challenge.

Jennifer: Of course not! So how did you plan the bacon bra? Did you have a “pattern”?

Nicky: I asked my friend, Neely, to help me with the bra and we brainstormed a little. She found a recipe for bacon cups to put salads in, or something. So we followed that for the temperature and cooking times. The first attempt at the bacon bra was sort of a failure. I was clutching greasy, dripping bacon, holding it over my breasts, while she took a picture of me. I looked ridiculous. We sort of got the idea to weave the bacon but didn’t really implement it very well. For Bacon Bra 2.0 we knew we wanted to start by weaving bacon and cooking it longer since the inside was so soft and greasy the first time. We kind of had a pattern. Both times we took tin foil and put it over my breasts to make a mold. Then we rolled tin foil balls to put under the tin foil boobs because the bacon is pretty heavy. We cooked the bacon on that.

Nicky continues: I have a lot of photos of the process since I had a photographer for Bacon Bra 2.0, my friend Alex who took some great shots.

Jennifer: How much bacon did you use on the bra?

Nicky: I used one package of bacon. I think it was a lb.

Jennifer: I gotta know, how comfortable was the bacon bra?

Nicky: The bacon bra wasn’t really comfortable but it was uncomfortable either. It was kind of greasy but if you love bacon you aren’t afraid of a little bacon grease. The inside was still a little less cooked than the outside, so it wasn’t crispy. No one wants crispy bacon rubbing on their breasts.

Jennifer: How long did it last? Did you throw it out? Was it a sad day?

Nicky: It lasted through the photo shoot. There are quite a few pictures of bacon strips starting to fall off me. There’s a few where Neely is biting them and a few where my dog, Ninja, is trying to get a snack from it, too. One side stayed together pretty well though. I took it off after the photos were taken. And no, I didn’t throw it away. We ate it.

Jennifer: GOOD WOMAN!

Nicky: The 3 of us munched on it for a while, and then I put the rest in my fridge and snacked on it. I don’t believe in throwing away bacon. Even if it’s been on boobs. It’s probably better that way anyway.

Jennifer: So I have to ask, has this helped your dating life?

Nicky: I wouldn’t say it’s made a huge difference. Since I posted the photo, I definitely think I’m getting more friend requests from random guys I don’t know on |Facebook. And also one old lady. But I’m not getting a lot of hot men asking me if they can take me out for breakfast. So if you know any who want to, send ‘em my way. Especially if they cook.

Jennifer: What’s next in your line of “bacon couture”?

Nicky: Jennifer, thanks for the idea for the domain name. I love it.

Jennifer: You’re welcome! Make sure to remember me in your acceptance speech for best bacon attire. Anyways, you were saying…

Nicky: I’m working on something for an event here in Minneapolis on the 30th. It’s not clothing, but it’s wearable and made out of bacon. I don’t want to ruin the surprise but if you follow me on you’ll find out about it soon enough. And if all goes well, I’ll be wearing a bacon dress to my B.Y.O.Bacon party in April. I’m getting inspiration from a meat dress made by artist Jana Sterbak that a friend told me about. Hopefully I can get started soon.

Jennifer: Wow. Do you have a website/twitter so we can follow your bacon adventures?

Nicky: I recently started up and that’s where you can find out about my bacon adventures. I’m going to also talk about some fun bacon products and recipes in between bacon wearables, like all the dishes that show up and the B.Y.O.Bacon party. I’m also going to be selling a bacon pendant made by a local Minneapolis artist and hopefully some other bacon jewelry very soon. My twitter account is @formica_dinette – you can follow my bacon adventures and non-bacon adventures there.

Jennifer: Nicky, thank you so much for sitting down and talking bacon with me.

Nicky: Thanks, Jennifer, it’s been fun! Now go try that Elvis sandwich!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Nicky now owns “” as of this interview! Squee!

– Jennifer Eolin

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