The Great Taste of Wild Hogs


While reading the May 2009 issue of Inc. Magazine, I was delighted to see John Scharffenberger’s foray into the high-end ibérico ham market. Turns out the Northern California gourmet chocolate and Champagne wine tycoon has “had trapped wild pigs in the area and then bred them, selecting for long snouts, long legs, and high bodies,” and is now attempting to achieve the ultimate pork product with these specially-bred animals.

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That article reminded me that throughout the world pigs are being allowed to spread their wings on the free ranges as farmers realize the value of happy, roaming porkers. A good example of that is Curragh Chase Free Range Pork. This company’s pork products took the ultimate prize in last year’s Great Taste Awards put on by the Guild of Fine Food. This event is “often referred to as the Oscars of the food industry”.

It’s innovators like John Scharffenberger that drive the pork industry to higher levels of excellence, and it’s judging like that at the Great Taste Awards that helps us weed out the good from the bad. Do you know of an amazing new pork product or food competition that we should tell the bacon-loving world about? Let us know!

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