This Guy Traveled Across the US with a Truckload of Bacon

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Yep, you read that correctly. A truckload of bacon!

Back in the day, before we had money, people used the bartering system to trade goods and services.

Josh Sankey, actor and comedian, (and Oscar Mayer) thought, why not use bacon today? (See what I did there?) This man and his new thick-cut Oscar Mayer Applewood Smoked bacon decided to take a trip from New York to Los Angeles by using this bartering system. No credit cards or cash. Just a trailer full of “bricks” of bacon. Bad-ass bacon.

Loading up a trailer of 3,000 pounds of bacon, Josh and his small bacon bartering crew set off to see what food, lodging, gas, and other fun (legal) services they could get with their meaty load. (Ha! I just couldn’t resist.)

His adventures encompass a wide variety of events and some pretty sweet once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Barters have gone from amazing to crazy, to even quite touching. Because of his bacon bartering, Josh Sankey was able to meet gold medalist Scott Hamilton; drive a race car three times on the Mid American Motorplex in Pacific Junction, stayed in lots of living rooms, a Mansion, a few suites, and even got a man to get a Bacon Barter tattoo! His most famous bacon bartering encounter was in Vegas when he stayed with Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller). The most touching? When the town, Cedar City in Utah, changed their name legally for the day to Sizzle City in honor of this bacon barter.

It took two weeks for Josh and his bacon to make it from New York to Los Angeles, but he finally made it! With barters made by connecting to others through Twitter, his trip was always spontaneous and quite eventful. Through the power of social media, Josh was able to reach out to the bacon loving masses of America so they could aid him in his bacon journey. While most folks just got a quick interview with Josh or even just a chat with representatives; Bacon Today had the pleasure of partaking in his final Beach party blowout at Hennessey’s Tavern in Hermosa Beach. Bacon Today got to party down with the Bacon Barter crew and really hang out with, Josh Sankey, the man behind this unconventionally awesome trip across the country.

With delicious Bacon Breakfast shots, the tasty food at Hennessey’s Tavern, a friendly staff, and amazing company; the laughs and enjoyment continued throughout the whole evening. A Bacon “Sizzle” dance was invented on the dance floor while the DJ played out the tunes. Bad-Ass Bacon T-shirts were passed out to bacon fanatics, and the overall love and togetherness created an amazingly fun and good vibe throughout the establishment. As soon as you walked into Hennessey’s you couldn’t help but smile and suddenly feel an overwhelming sense of inclusion. It was definitely the place to be on an otherwise normal Sunday night.

One of the highlights of the evening was the plane that flew overhead with the rotating emblazoned words of “Bacon Barter Hennessey’s Tavern” stretched out across the bottom. It was truly awesome to see it. Los Angeles definitely wanted to show the bacon love and throw one really cool party.

Josh Sankey’s comedic talent of fun sarcasm was definitely prevalent as he spread the good word of bacon (and actual bricks of bacon) to the many patrons of the party. It really does seem that bacon brings people together. Even though most were perfect strangers, people from all ages, sizes, and walks of life seemed to come together as if they were one big happy bacon family.

Sometimes a person can become so touched by the overall positivity of humanity through their unique and fulfilling experiences. It doesn’t happen everyday, but it does happen. Some of us are fortunate enough to experience this moving event and Josh Sankey was one of these people. When asked about his overall experience with his trip, he admitted as such and made note of the numerous wonderful relationships and connections he’s made with people along the way.

To some, this mission may have seemed silly. The truth? What originally sounded like a whole lot of fun ended up being an experience of a lifetime. An experience that transcends the everyday normalcy of human interaction and life into something that refreshes and replenishes the human psyche. Economic crises, natural disasters, human tragedies; these are all things that dishearten our society. These situations weigh down on us when it’s accompanied by the everyday routine. Therefore, the amount of camaraderie and societal conviviality that was found during Josh Sankey’s unique bacon bartering adventure, has definitely touched everyone involved.

So when someone asks you, is bacon the answer? You say, yes. Yes, it is.

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