The Grateful Palate Is M.I.A. – We Hope They’re OK!

September 7, 2010 5:00 am Published by 9 Comments


Hey, has anybody anything heard from the good folks over at the Grateful Palate? Once upon a time, one of the leading, premier Bacon Of The Month Clubs, now their website has been down for several weeks, with absolutely no sign of any renovation or activity at all, though the temporary placard placed on the screen says that they are supposedly “Under Construction.”

What’s really weird, is that they would willingly go so long, supposedly re-building their renovated website, while leaving their members, clients, customers “high and dry” and totally unattended to … during the entire, elongated process.

What might be even stranger; is the fact that when I type in their ‘URL” on my browser, instead of their name coming up in the top left hand corner of the screen like always, instead it simply reads “Untitled Document!”

I certainly do hope that the Grateful Palate is OK and are not yet another case of a former “Big Cheese” business that struggled to transition to today’s modern day realities, environment and conditions, only to sadly go the way of the once ominous “Dino-Beasties” or even the “Grateful Dead!”

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  • KathyP says:

    Grateful International, along with R Winery in Australia, have gone into receivership. Supposedly

  • KathyP says:

    (I hate this new laptop – sends stuff before I’ve finished writing)…

    Supposedly, the US operation of GP was not affected. But yes, their website has been down for some time now. Dan Philips’ stake in the winery and import business is supposedly what did it. Do a google search. There’s lots of info on it. I’m sad to see it fold. They made some truly fun wines.

  • mock says:

    hmm, i was getting bacon from them monthly (bacon of the month club) until this past month. i was wondering if i had missed an email, but i hadn’t. now, i’m a little worried i won’t get bacon. and i wonder if those who contributed to the gift will be compensated.

  • der says:

    FYI, just in case anyone is thinking of ordering from these people, DON’T! They totally didn’t deliver on our subscription. Below is an email I received from them a week and a half ago:

    Dear Bacon of the Month Club member:

    We apologize for the delay in advising you details of the January bacon shipment.

    In the last twelve months, we have seen a sizable increase in our shipping costs and continuing higher fuel surcharges from our vendors. It has become cost prohibitive to continue to ship bacon monthly.

    For the remainder of your membership we will be shipping bacon on a quarterly basis. Bacon is well suited to freezing and you can safely keep it frozen for several months.

    As a result, your January bacon will ship along with the February and March selections during the first week of March. If your membership ends with the February shipment, we will be shipping your remaining two selections during February.

    We truly regret having to change the Bacon Club shipping program and we thank you in advance for your understanding.

    If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at 888 472 5283 or email us at:

  • bacnlvr says:

    Word on the street is that they’re back up and running… And Sonoma County’s Black Pig Meat Bacon is on the roster (which is my fave artisan bacon, and Mario Batali loves it). I hope they recover fully, as this is a chance to catch those diamonds-in-the-rough porky treats I wouldn’t otherwise be able to try.

  • Jerry says:

    As I understand it, belly up. One of my closest friends is third generation of a well-known vintner family in South Australia. He leveraged Grateful Palate as a main distributor for the US, and suddenly got snookered.

  • Orlando M says:

    They owe me bacon!
    Truly: bacon was paid for but never delivered.

    A grave crime!

  • nuraman00 says:

    Is this company still active? I ordered from then in August 2010. They sent me all 13 packs at once, and I ate them over the next 7 months

  • JackS says:

    Be careful ordering from the Grateful Palate. My last order was spoiled bacon. Then the series stopped and the remainder of my bacon was never delivered. They would not refund my money. Something very wrong is going on with them.

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