The Grateful Palate Is M.I.A. – We Hope They’re OK!


Hey, has anybody anything heard from the good folks over at the Grateful Palate? Once upon a time, one of the leading, premier Bacon Of The Month Clubs, now their website has been down for several weeks, with absolutely no sign of any renovation or activity at all, though the temporary placard placed on the screen says that they are supposedly “Under Construction.”

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What’s really weird, is that they would willingly go so long, supposedly re-building their renovated website, while leaving their members, clients, customers “high and dry” and totally unattended to … during the entire, elongated process.

What might be even stranger; is the fact that when I type in their ‘URL” on my browser, instead of their name coming up in the top left hand corner of the screen like always, instead it simply reads “Untitled Document!”

I certainly do hope that the Grateful Palate is OK and are not yet another case of a former “Big Cheese” business that struggled to transition to today’s modern day realities, environment and conditions, only to sadly go the way of the once ominous “Dino-Beasties” or even the “Grateful Dead!”

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