The Game That Knows Exactly …“What Would Bacon Do?

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OK … so we admit it’s not exactly as awesome as that cool, retro, plastic fortune teller’s head wearing a turban from the 60’s and 70’s, or even “Ka-Bala,” the cool, retro, plastic all knowing, green glowing fortune telling eyeball.

Heck, truth be told, it’s not even the semi, “sorta” cool, retro, plastic fortune telling “Magic 8 Ball,” with it’s oddly shaped white “icosahedral” die floating in a mixture of alcohol and dark blue dye, waiting to tell you all about your future … as long as you are willing to ask only YES or NO questions.

But, and this is one humongously big but … what it lacks in conceptual ingenuity, creative application or the willingness to even consider paying to be manufactured in plastic, it more than makes up for in it’s dedication to all things bacon!

OK, the truth is, it’s basically mostly constructed out of cardboard and paper and only has 12 possible, pre-set answers to only 1 pre-set question … but if you are even the slightest bit curious as to the question of “What Would Bacon Do” … then you absolutely have to get this game.

Play is amazingly Easy! Simply ask the board “What Would Bacon Do” and then spin the spinning bacon slice to see which of the twelve answers, such as: “shrivel,” “tempt a vegan,” “sizzle,” or even the incredibly fun, funny and totally unexpected reply “hang out with hash browns.”

Alright, so it’s actually more of a silly bacon novelty item, guaranteed to bring you nearly moments of hilarious fun and excitement, but hey, it’s only around six bucks and it’s all about bacon, so how can you possibly go wrong.

You can find WWBD … hey, by the way … wasn’t there some recent, 4 letter, religious motto that was almost exactly the same; being sold in all of the religious book stores just a few years ago?

Anyway, you can get WWBD at Amazon, Merch Bot, and of course, from the famous infamous Archie McPhee

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