The Classic Age of Bacon

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Recently I stumbled upon this video about the classic age of bacon and the American favorites stream into popular culture.

After watching and hearing about all the bacon products. I decided to search for the best kind of products for bacon lovers! Aside from the normal products, like bacon kitchen utensils and bacon foods (bacon bits, bacon favored cupcakes, etc.) you could also have a bacon scarf (my personal favorite this homemade knitted one) or bacon art or so much more….
Here are my top 10 favorite products found during my search:

10. Bacon Bandaids: Yes friends, anytime you get a paper-cut or the next time you knick your arm on a staple you could cover it up with a adhesive bacon band-aid.

These particular band-aids are even cut to have edges like real bacon

9. Bacon USB: A few of these can be found online, I posted the link to the most realistic looking 4GB at a reasonable price for a trendy commodity. The perfect way to show off your love for bacon with a piece seemingly sticking out of your computer.

8. Bacon Earrings: I own a couple hundred of pairs of earrings, so I have a preference towards them. There are two types of bacon earrings that I really enjoyed. The first being a pair that looks like real little strips of bacon. And then the was a breakfast pair:

7. Bacon Gummies: We have gummy bears, gummy worms, gummy coke bottles and now we have bacon gummy. It looks like bacon, it is packaged like real bacon but it doesn’t taste like bacon. Apparently that is a step to far for the candy makers, its a bacon gummy that tastes like strawberries which just makes it amusing. But I still think it is a pretty cool product.

6. Bacon Formal Wear: You can find tuxs that have bacon designs, dresses, and ties. No article of clothing left unturned even shoes and headbands. (There are even bacon bras ladies, in case you wanted to be ahead of the next trend).

5. Bacon Tape: Much like duct tape but with bacon on it, it’s what holds the universal together.

4. Bacon Envelopes: This one came close to being one of my favorites. Envelopes that taste like bacon!

3.Bakon: A potato vodka that tastes like bacon! We might be exploring some of the drinks we can mix with that!

2. Bacon Jelly Beans: Bacon the candy meat, small enough to swallow in one bite and plenty of them to snack on for an entire afternoon.

1. Bacon: A Love Story. A book filled with trivial facts and enjoyable stories about everyone’s favorite meat.

Remember you  never know what can prove your love for bacon out there! There are over a 100 different types of products and several variations of each!

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