The Best Tech for Showing Off Your Bacon Creations

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The Best Tech for Showing Off Your Bacon Creations


Bacon is more than a meat, it’s a lifestyle. Just look at the thousands upon thousands of pictures on the Internet boasting a myriad of bacon-riddled creations. We’re dedicated to cooking with bacon, and famous restaurants like Bacon Bacon in San Francisco create whole menus based off of it.

So, if you love that salty pork treat and inventing bacon-based dishes at home, here are some tips for you to share those meaty creations on social media with others who also love bacon:

The Right Phone

Smartphone cameras pack a ton of megapixels, advanced lenses, LED flashes and editing options for you to use before posting your pictures online. But when it comes to the right smartphone, it comes down to the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the iPhone 6 (or 6 Plus).

    • Galaxy: The OS has made huge strides over the years and now it’s attached to one beast of a camera on the Galaxy S6. Every lipid will glisten when you shoot bacon with one of these.
  • iPhone: The most popular on the market, the iPhone 6 is great for anyone who wants the latest and greatest photo apps because developers are almost always creating software for iOS before moving onto Android.

The Right Apps

So you’ve got your savory creation all cooked up, and now all you need are some apps to bring your dish to light. Posting bacon pics goes beyond copy and paste because no one wants to see dark or fuzzy pics. Consider the following apps:

      • Camera+: The native camera apps for iPhone and Android work great, but if you’re looking for an extra edge and customization options, the Camera+ is the go-to for professional-grade photos taken right on the phone.
      • Afterlight: When you’ve captured the perfect picture of your bacon beauty, it’s time to throw in some sweet edits. Afterlight features stunning pre-made filters to bring out the details of your photo, or you can customize every last aspect to make it just the way you like it.
    • Squaready: A lot of websites and services that host pictures (especially social media platforms) have their own aspect ratios and formats for how pictures will look. Instagram is the best example of this; their photos are perfectly square, which goes against most cameras. Squaready is a photo-editing app that adjusts pictures to look perfect for Instagram and many other sites.

    Now that the photo of your bacon baby is picture perfect, you need to decide where to share it. Facebook is your best bet to reach the widest audience, but sharing single pictures isn’t much of a thing on there anymore. Instagram was made for pics just like this, but food-snap shaming runs so rampant that people are afraid to post anything edible these days. Snapchat might be the best network to share bacon pics today; they’re quick, non-invasive and anyone who follows you is on the app to see pics of just this thing.

    Now, Eat It

    Hopefully it’s still warm by the time your done with all this. Enjoy!

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