The Bacon Top 40 – A Faux Paw Original

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There’s a cute little blog called Faux Paw where they talk about… well, a little bit about everything. Seems like the topics vary, which is one of the reasons I like reading their stuff so much. Not too long ago they actually took a cue from the bacon nuts at Bacon Today and carried forth the love of bacon by creating a Bacon Top 40. Over the next week or so I’m going to share that top 40 with you. I’ll show you one picture and give you the list. You’ll be able to click over to their site to see the other pictures and read the blurb about each item.

Bacon Top 40: Part I

Food - 2009-07-17 - Bacon watch

40. Bacon watch: What time is it? It’s BACON TIME!

39. Squeeze bacon

38. What Would Bacon Do? Decision Maker

37. Gummy bacon

36. Bacon wallet

35. Bacon-flavored toothpicks

34. Chocolate covered bacon

33. Maple-bacon lollipop

32. Bacon floss

31. Bacon cone (Editor’s Note: I was privileged to actually be able to eat a Bacone at Bacon Camp last Spring. Amazing!!)

Check back next time for #30-21.

— Mike

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