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Are you feeling flat, greasy, and extra crispy? Well congratulations, you’re top quality bacon that’s been prepared with the help of a bacon press (which incidentally have been known to also flatten quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, and the occasional burger pattie).

As reviewer Dave K. writes:

“Everytime we would cook a big weekend breakfast, I would remember the grill presses from when I was a kid and mutter to myself that I needed one. Saw it here at Amazon and decided to give it a try.

Pros – It works just like I remembered. It holds the bacon down and keeps it flat while cooking. This produces a very consistently cooked piece of meat, which is what I was looking for. We prefer our bacon crispy, but not overcooked, and this does a fine job. If you like crisp bacon then this press is what you are looking for.

Cons – It is iron, you have to remember to season it. That’s not necessarily a con if you are familiar with cooking with iron cookware, but my darling wife is not and she put it in the dishwasher – repeatedly. Now the darn thing has rust on it that is proving difficult to deal with. That is where the cute little design of a pig on its face comes into being a con. It’s difficult to clean around all of its ridges. The design does not prove a difficulty in cleaning normal food particles off, just in my case with the rust.

The addition of some kind of drip pan would be nice as well, but I live without it well enough. When I am done cooking I just lift it off the pan for a moment and let most of the grease run off. Then, a couple of paper towels folding up as a blotter do well to keep the mess down while we eat and the press waits for a hand cleaning.”

So if you want to keep your bacon flat and your tummy full of bacony goodness, buy a bacon press and start cookin’!

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