The bacon explosion of record-breaking dreams?

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We love that Dave Vierra of California took his quest for bacon immortality to the record books. We’re talking the Guinness Book of World Records, folks.

That’s right. Dave researched the Bacon Explosion, a bacon dish made legendary by the BBQ addicts in Kansas City, Jason Day and Aaron Chronister. Dave liked the concept, obviously. But Dave wondered: In the context of a Bacon Explosion, how big can bacon get?

No one knows. But earlier this year, Dave set out to find an answer. You’ve really got to read the full story here. But these are the highlights for us:

Dave thoroughly researched the Bacon Explosion, which is basically a large tube of ground sausage that contains crispy bacon and is swaddled with woven strips of spice-rubbed bacon. What is essentially a giant vehicle of pork can then be smoked barbecue style, roasted in an oven or grilled over coals.

Like inquisitive bacon lovers everywhere, Dave wondered if he could raise the stakes by building the biggest Bacon Explosion out there—one that would, in fact, catch the eyes of the officials at the Guinness Book of World Records.

Our fearless chef then proceeded on his quest to change the bacon universe. But first he needed to find a cooking vehicle enormous enough to handle his Bacon Explosion. Fortunately he found an offset smoker with a main chamber that could handle all of his linked bacon explosions, which tipped the scales at at a not-so-modest 60 pounds.

Dave staged the possible record-setting Bacon Explosion at the perfect setting—a football tailgate, and not just any run-of-the-mill tailgate, either. He chose the annual “Holy Bowl,” a gridiron matchup between two Sacramento-area Catholic schools. The game was “the perfect venue for such an un-holy undertaking,” Dave wrote. “Hey, having the man upstairs on-hand for this cholesterol-loaded madness couldn’t be a bad idea either, right?”

But, you may ask, why do this? “Apart from tasting really good, the Bacon Explosion was selected because of the notoriety and crazy popularity that it seems to have generated in the BBQ world,” Dave said recently. “Every time that we have made these, everyone has raved about it. After awhile we started to experiment with different ingredients as well as how they were assembled in an effort to ‘perfect’ the Bacon Explosion. Going for some form of record with it just seemed like the logical next step.”

We can share other details, like the fact that Dave’s Bacon Explosion clocked in somewhere around 15,000 calories with more than 1,500 grams of fat. Or we could tell you how Dave transported his bacon-fueled beast to the Holy Bowl. (The story is unbeatable.) But we don’t want to spoil all the hilarity.

“What’s funny is that in spite of all of the congratulatory e-mails and positive comments I have directly received regarding this mondo Bacon Explosion, not a single person or group has stepped up to challenge or disprove our claim as having created the ‘world’s longest Bacon Explosion,’ “ he says. “It’s funny and I am sure that there will be challengers, but until I hear otherwise, I promise to carry out the duties of a Bacon world record holder with the humility, grace and sophistication that it so rightfully deserves.

“Apart from a trip to my cardiologist, I think the future might hold a few
more bacon-oriented food challenges,” Dave adds. “We are working on a couple now, but the biggest obstacle appears to be finding suitable cooking equipment (grills,
etc.) that can accommodate these challenges. Whatever happens, it will be fun. Who are we to try and resist the power of bacon?”

Never give up on your dream…especially when bacon is involved. That’s how Dave summarizes his mission. So do yourself a favor and read about his quest for bacon immortality. It’s a story for the ages.

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