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You live on the cutting edge of new media. You’ve got an iPhone 5 in your back pocket, the new iPad in your carry-on, and an iPad Touch hooked to the iHome dock on your nightstand. You belong to an elite group privy to the many benefits of modern “smart” technology.

Welcome to the bandwagon! You know it’s been 6 years since the iPhone was released, right? Not to mention the multiple generations of iPhone, iTouch, and now iPad floating around. At this point, even my 85 year old Grandma owns an i-something.

Jumping on the bandwagon is what the iPhone’s all about—especially when it comes to apps. Downloading a popular app still makes you “hip” (even if, like Grandma, your hip has been replaced). It also means you’re in good company. Take Angry Birds for example: the game didn’t become less fun when everyone else started playing it, did it?

Okay, so you miss that “special feeling” your iPhone used to provide. You long for something to whip out at parties that no one’s ever seen before. Get your mind out of the gutter: I’m talking about apps! You’re looking for an app that’ll show other iPhone owners you’re the true trendsetter. It needs to be flashy, current, and so hot that it’s practically sizzling.

Behold: The Bacon App.
Based on the success of apps like the iBeer drinking-simulator, the just-released Bacon App is exactly what you’re looking for. We should have known bacon was just the thing to turn our techie-friends green with envy.

People don’t just love bacon, they live and breathe bacon! So while new bacon items are released every day, they’re always the first to go out of stock. But never The Bacon App. Always available, insanely on-trend, and somehow still undiscovered: The Bacon App is an iPhone enigma.

As bona fide bacon experts, we were happy to give the Bacon App a whirl before it’s big debut. Here’s a sneak peak at what The Bacon App has in store:


“The Bacon Frying Simulator”
This is the Bacon App’s show-stopper! We’re already dying to whip this tiny digital skillet out at parties. The simulated sizzle will have bacon-lover’s excited, iPhone users jealous, and everybody entertained (minus the 1-2 people confused about where that sizzling noise is coming from). As people who’ve cooked a lot of bacon, we know it’s very true-to-life. Want more bacon on your pan? Simply shake your phone and a new piece will appear, complete with a loud sizzle after you add each slice!

“The Bacon Fact Generator”
It’s worth noting that this generator spews legitimate facts about bacon. No bacon expert should be caught unknowing of these fresh-cut bacon truths. So of course, we won’t admit whether or not the Bacon App facts took us by surprise…

“Bacon Recipes”
Enough fun and games, time for some bacon business! Believe it or not, simple and unique bacon recipes can be difficult to come by. When you’re impatient to eat bacon, little thought goes into figuring out creative ways to cook it. That’s why so many half-baked bacon recipes show up online!

Thankfully, The Bacon App recipes are a refreshing exception. From Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies to Bacon BBQ Grilled Cheese, the six free bacon-loaded recipes are accessible enough for a beginner bacon chef. If you’re looking for some added complexity, we suggest you splurge on the 99-cent bacon recipes the app has for purchase.

Remember, this is The Bacon App, not other (more limited) bacon apps. Compared to those we’ve tried in the past, this app rated the most comprehensive and fully-devoted to bacon.

It’s the app made by bacon lovers for bacon lovers. What more could we ask for? The Bacon App is available and optimized for use on all Apple devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and the newer iPad 3. You can download the app HERE!

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