TGI Friday’s BBQ Bacon Shrimp

April 10, 2009 12:01 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Our continued quest to find great bacon recently took us to New York City. Manhattan to be specific. Times Square to be even more specific.

We were with a bunch of other folks so there were many opinions on where to dine. I had to run back to the hotel to make a couple phone calls and send a few emails so I told the others to go ahead and choose a restaurant. Imagine my suprise when they called me to say “meet us at TGI Friday’s”. Of all the places in New York we could have gone, they chose a chain restaurant I could find in any city. I was not pleased.

When I finally dragged my grumpy self into TGI Friday’s, I was delighted to find a couple other bacon lovers at the table. These were new folks to the group that I hadn’t met previously, and when I ordered the best looking bacon item on the menu — BBQ Bacon Shrimp — the pro-bacon conversation ensued and the evening took a decidedly positive note.


When the food arrived, it was presented quite well on a colorful plate with mashed potatoes and onion rings. The shrimp were served on skewers and had a small piece of bacon tightly wrapped around each of the little buggers. The whole shebang was drenched in tasty barbecue sauce and made for a pretty decent meal.

We give the TGI Friday’s BBQ Bacon Shrimp a Smaste™ rating of 26.102. I wouldn’t go out of my way to find a TGI Friday’s to order this meal, but if I was dragged to the restaurant again I wouldn’t be too saddened to order this meal.

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