Tasty Bacon Around the World

February 24, 2009 12:01 am Published by 1 Comment

Check out this cute little video. (Well, to my English-speaking ears it’s cute, to a Japanese audience it’s probably just an ad for AOL Food.)

This is a Japanese interpretation of some of the many things that bacon is delicious with.


What are some of your favorite things to pair with bacon?

— Mike

Video submitted by Leo V.

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  • Rick says:

    That video reminds me of a recent dinner experience. I recently went to Orson, a great restaurant in San Francisco, for Valentine’s. Although there was a serious lack of bacon-related food items on the menu, when we got the dessert menu I immediately became excited: behold, the Pigwich. As the menu linked below says, it’s maple bacon ice cream, red wine apples, and cocoa pizelle cookies (the ice cream is sandwiched between the cookies with the apple slices on the side), and the bacon ice cream is absolutely perfect – I can’t imagine a better dessert. I had other servers and chefs coming up and asking me if it was good or if something as strange as this could actually be delicious, and yes, yes it was (I think it was a new item and most employees hadn’t had a chance to try it yet). It was the greatest thing that I’ve ever eaten, it was perfect. The marriage of bacon hintings and ice cream sweetness was superbly blended without any single overpowering flavors.


    If you would like a picture, I’d be happy to send one, otherwise I’d definitely suggest stopping by Orson if you are ever in the Bay Area – they are cool enough to let you stop in for just dessert if you want, otherwise I would definitely recommend staying for a non-bacon infused dinner, however unfortunate that sounds, it is worth it. And the wait staff is even friendly enough that you could probably ask for bacon included in any items you want. Oh, and did I mention they cure their own meats? Ask for the meat platter (house made charcuterie ~ ham, fennel salami, lardo, spiced tri tip) for an appetizer, but unfortunately, again, bacon isn’t included.

    I know one of the chefs, and I’m slowly going to force him to include a Bacon Explosion variant on the menu.

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