TasteSpotting Features Bacon Today

October 4, 2008 12:01 pm Published by 1 Comment

On Sunday, September 21 our Bacon Cinnamon Rolls recipe made the main page of TasteSpotting.com (that’s our photo on the top row, third from the left). We found their site via StumbleUpon and thought we might as well submit a bacony-good concoction to the TastSpotting team.

Make sure to visit TasteSpotting.com. They have a fantastic collection of unique food ideas.

–Corey James

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1 Comment

  • shalla says:

    ooooo….. if your looks and job didn’t leave the ladies drooling then i must say the use of bacon will surely do it!
    now i just have to find a way to make what you cook now that i am in france and the shopping is different

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