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Bacon Jam Stuffed Potato Skins

This is the final Superbowl Skillet Jam recipe that we have to share with you. Hope you enjoy it, and have a great Superbowl Sunday.

Move Over AXE There’s A New Spray In Town

You don't have to watch much TV to have seen an AXE body spray commerical. Just incase you have not seen an one I'll let you know what they are like. A boy sprays on some Axe and within seconds beautiful women are all over him

Superbowl Recipe 1

The Superbowl is just 2 weeks away, and whether you are into the game or just enjoy the commercials, food plays a huge part in each party.

Chocolate covered Oreo with Meat Candy Sprinkles

If you want to bring the dessert of all desserts to your Superbowl party, heck any party, then you need to make these tasty little treats. Bernie, a Bacon Today reader, created these cookies for a party and they were gone before the party even started.