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Bacon Salad With Coffee Rubbed Steak

At a nice restaurant, I’m going to end up eating a nice green salad, a great quality, prime cut of steak, some gourmet, country cut bacon and of course a cup or 4 of some delicious, top shelf coffee. So what do you get when you eat this particular meal? OMG, the exact same thing, for about ¼ of the cost!

Boss Hog’s “Baby Bubba” Bacon-wrapped, Bordeaux Basted Beef Banquet

This is an absolutely amazing recipe, as the sautéed mushrooms and onions are simmered in the wonderful Bordeaux marinade that naturally gives this rich sauce a subtle hint of slightly sweet caramel. Be sure to take the time to marinate the steak the very first thing in the morning before you go do anything else, and you will be thankful once you put the first bite of this delicacy in your mouth.