Wake’n Bacon – The Real Bacon Alarm Clock

Quite possibly the best invention since whatever came before sliced bread, the Wake’n Bacon alarm clock is a work of pure genius. The shape of the device is modeled after pre-bacon and the concept is so simple I can’t believe it’s not already in mass production.

The Bacon Book, a Cookbook About Bacon

Not too long ago, a reader came to us with the idea that we should write a bacon book. You know, a book about bacon. We tossed around a few ideas that all centered around bacon and books and how to combine them into a book about bacon but we haven’t nailed down a bacon … Read more

Baja Chipotle and Sun Dried Tomato Bacon Wrapped Chicken

A mouthful both in name and flavor-packed taste, the Baja Chipotle and Sun Dried Tomato Bacon Wrapped Chicken I made tonight was absolutely killer. Here’s a meal fit for a king but simple enough even for the court jester to pull off with ease. Start with two or three medium sized chicken breasts. Marinade them … Read more

Wendy’s Applewood Smoked Bacon Deluxe

One of the nice things about writing for the world’s best bacon news site is that people occasionally send us free stuff. Find the Nearest Wendy’s to Me Are you already itching to get to the burger joint before even reading our review? If you’re yelling “fin the nearest Wedny’s to me” at your Siri, … Read more

OC Fair Has Chocolate Covered Bacon – Maybe

We first talked about chocolate covered bacon last June, and we’ve seen more about it in other articles since then. I thought that it was kind of a novelty thing that existed in rare spaces. Then I went to the OC Fair, and look what I saw… At one magical booth they sell both Churros … Read more

Cancakes: Pancakes in a Can

There isn’t exactly any bacon in this article, but given the subject matter, we felt it was important to bring you this news anyway, since pancake-batter-in-a-can is most certainly a gateway food to more bacon. Here’s how it works: You buy a can of pancake batter in a can. You spray it onto a frying … Read more

Bacon Chips (with Potato)

Move over, Erik Estrada, there’s a new CHiP in town, and it tastes like bacon. Thanks for moving over. San Francisco has been featured on BT several times, and the city that’s famous for bridges, earthquakes and food has done it again. This time it’s in the form of bacon potato chips. Granted, if a … Read more

All Good Things Taste Like Bacon

We’ve been writing about bacon here at BT for well over a year now, and in all that time we never thought to start a list of things that are flavored with bacon. Good thing we’ve got BT reader Sunnih F. to help us get started. This is the list of bacon-flavored things that she … Read more

Bacon in Brussels – Part II

Two bacon options in the Brussels airport. Chicken bacon and Egg bacon! Yay!!!! Plus, it’s handmade by Mike’s Sandwiches, so they get points for that. The bacon was undercooked, though, and was fairly chewy to the bite. But at least it was real bacon in a foreign land. Smaste™ Rating: 22.249

Bacon in Brussels – Part I

I was in Liege, Belgium last week and had some degree of trouble locating any regular-old streaky bacon. The closest thing I was able to dig up was this smoked prosciutto, seen here as modeled by my Parisian friend Marc. Any friend of mine is a friend of bacon, and Marc was very happy to … Read more