A Bacon Bust Of Bacon?

Wow … so finally, Kevin Bacon really IS made of bacon! Now, thought the modern-day wonders of the internet and Ebay, you can spend some of your “bacon” to purchase this “dream combo”

Bacon Imitates Art

We have never mentioned Sir Francis Bacon on this site before today. Go ahead and do a search in the box above. Sure, if you type in “Francis” and click “search” you’ll get seven or eight article returns, but those will all be articles that mention “San Francisco”. We made a conscious decision about a … Read more

A Chace for Bacon?

While we generally try to avoid bothering Kevin Bacon (unless we’re asked to promote him), we had to bring you this breaking news. Us Magazine is reporting that the upcoming Paramount Pictures remake of the movie Footloose will star Chace Crawford. The young Crawford currently stars in the TV series Gossip Girl. We do not … Read more

Kevin Bacon Reality Show – BACON’D!

For the first time at Bacon Today, we’re talking not about bacon the food but Bacon the man. That’s right, the one and only Kevin Bacon. The folks over at Funny or Die asked us to share this video with the bacon-loving world and we’re happy to oblige. Hope you enjoy! BACON’D! by Kevin Bacon … Read more